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Dec 21, 2006 06:44 PM

New Russian Bakery in Watertown - Now we have Rye Bread

International Natural Bakery
128 Arlington St.
8am to 6pm Mon-Sun

This place has been in the works for a month or two.

Just opened 2 days ago.

Excellent Dark Russian Rye, Light Rye, "Natural Bread", beautiful challah, and some pastries which I will have to try.

Don't trust the samples on the counter which were a tad dried out. The Dark Russian Rye I took home was amazing. So much better then the older stuff you can get at the Russian Markets.

We are starting to have a Bakers Row on Arlington in Watertown. This place, for the bread alone is an excellent addition.

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  1. Oh, we just drove past that place on Sunday and noticed it for the first time. Thanks for the tip: the lack of a good bakery rye has been a problem for some time here.

    Between this and the Danish pastry place and the cupcake place connected to Deluxe, are there any others?

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    1. re: BarmyFotheringayPhipps

      There's Lily's French Bakery a little further down Arlington, toward Arsenal Street, and there's also Sensational Foods off Nichols, I think it's on Bigelow Ave.

    2. Oh boy, this is good news. I've been looking for a place that has good Russian breads. Thanks for letting us know! I definitely want to try their pastries, too, at some point.

      1. Is the rye bread heavy like you get in NYC and Rhode Island. I was always surprised by how the rye bread we get here is like white bread with a little coloring, vs the denser more flavorable versions.

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        1. re: chefboyardee

          Not really NYC style rye, but good, slightly lighter, Russian Style.

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            Stopped in to check it out yesterday around noon and didn't catch them on a good day at all -- the ryes are nothing like the NY rye that I like -- they were not at all crusty on the outside (probably from being wrapped in plastic too soon), and the inside was very light -- not chewy or yeasty at all, and caraway seeds were not an option. When Pigs Fly NY Rye is still my clear "local" favorite.

            The ambiance of the place felt very post Cold War-Soviet -- somewhat fancy exterior, spartan tiny interior, no merchandising at all, limited inventory (a handful of Russian named breads and a random prepackaged panettone...), really dried out samples, no greeting from the lone staffer, and pretty cold service during checkout even though I was the only customer at the time.

            Still searching for that freshly-baked loaf of crusty on the outside, chewy on the inside, and chockful of caraway rye...

          2. I tried the bakery last week and won't be going back. The dark rye bread had an off taste. The rye bread at Diamond Bakery in Newton is much better. I also bought a poppy seed strudel that they say they import from NYC, but that was pretty bad too.

            1. A few minor clarifications:

              - As I said before, not NY rye, Russian Rye. The best NY style rye in the area by my book is Iggy's.
              - The "off taste" in the dark rye is either molasses or malt, I actually like the tang of it.
              - For typical "Russian" rye and other breads it is the only place this side of Brighton Beach in NYC where you can get it so tasty and fresh.