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Dec 21, 2006 06:39 PM

Prescott or bust!

Suggestions for dining/eating in Prescott...including New Year's Eve. Will be there for three days.

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  1. I've had good meals recently at El Gato Azul, Sweet Tart, and Iron Springs Cafe. I don't know what any of them are doing for New Year's, though.

    Here are some reviews I have posted in the last few months:

    1. Prescott isn't prime Chowhound territory. I'm a bit out of date, but the best bet for years has been El Charro, half a block N of the plaza on Montezuma. Try the oddly-named "Mexican French Toast", salsa on the side.

      The East Indian place in Frontier Village (Home Depot) was quite good last time we tried it.

      Good luck!

      Cheers -- Pete Tillman

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        I think you are a bit out of date if you think El Charro is the best bet for mexican food! YUCK!

      2. I would give American Jazz Grill 129 and 1/2 a call. Maurice is my favorite server in town. They are part of the Four Corners Restaurant Group which includes 129 and 1/2, El Gato Azul and N'awlins.

        I would also check out the Peacock Room at the Hassayampa Inn to see if they are doing anything special for New Year's Eve/Day. They have wonderful breakfasts.

        I would guess that Sweet Tart would be doing something special as well.

        Also, if you don't mind that it's in a casino, the last time I ate at Prescott Resort's restaurant, it was pretty good. That was a couple years ago, though.

        1. Thanks for all the great ideas. I will report