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Dec 21, 2006 06:37 PM

Gluten Free in Rome

I am gluten intolerant and will be in Rome for a week January 5-12. Does anyone know of any restaurants that have gluten free options on their menus?


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  1. JM, Rome is a very tough place for people who are gluten intolerant. Many, many items on the menu have flour in them, not just the pastas and pizzas. You might do OK if you focused on the antipasto carts and grilled foods in Italian restaurants.Your might do better in vegetarian or oriental restaurants.

    1. Not so different from here .... I think you should do pretty much ok if you stay away from the bread, pizza, pasta and gnocchi and breaded fried dishes. risottos and good soups are available in many restaurants, fine vegetable dishes like chicory,beans and lentils and plenty of delicious grilled meat and fish dishes, gelati,nice fruits etc.

      Find out what the word for your condition is in Italian and use it if you have any doubts.

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        A friend of mine's dad has celiac and he visited her in Rome and then they went to Greece - they managed just fine. They just explained it to the waiter and the restaurants were very accomodating about suggesting things. risotto, soup, prociutto e melone, mozzerella di bufalo... yum! Believe it or not some Italians have it too. ;) Though, unlike in lots of American restaurants now, they don't mark particular dishes "gluten-free" or "veggie" - so you'll want to mention it to the waiter regardless.

      2. I see your trip is already over - I hope you found things to eat! But for the sake of the thread - I just saw that Volpetti sells gluten free bread - pane senza glutine - there was a sign in the window. I suppose you might have to order it in advance but they were advertising it.

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          I know it's been a long time since this original post, but for anyone who is searching on this in the future, I thought I'd add my two cents. I have celiac, speak Italian, and have been there a couple times since my diagnosis. Italy actually has one of the highest per capita rates of diagnosed celiac, so people are fairly knowledgeable. You can tell your waiter "Non posso mangiare glutine" (non poh-soh mahn-jaray gloo-tee-nay), and then ask "Quali piatte non hanno glutine?" (which plates don't have gluten) (qwah-lee pee-ahtay nohn ahnnoh gloo-tee-nay). Also, you can *order* gluten free bread at most *PHARMACIES*! (just look for the green plus sign "Farmacia" (fahr-mah-chee-ah) You go in and ask for "pane senza glutine" (or biscotti if you want, which just means any cookie in italian), and if they don't have it in stock, they take your order and tell you to come back after 3pm (or maybe the next day) and they'll have it for you. Then you can take this with you to dine out. I had some AMAZING baguettes (Schar brand made in Germany, I think -- needed toasting). As mentioned above, risottos and grilled meats should be safe, but be sure to ask. Soup is iffy. Another word you might want is "flour", which is "farina" (fah-ree-nah). Buon appetito!

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            Usually in fact most (larger) grocery stores will have a whole shelf of gluten-free and other dietary products (although sometimes these combine in odd ways, so if you don't mind real sugar for example, look out for cookies made without wheat AND with artificial sweeteners.) They'll be more expensive than the regular pane but cheaper in general than the farmacie. In Rome itself the Castroni stores also have some nifty gluten-free options beyond the regular (cake mixes, exotic types of pasta, etc.) including brands that aren't often sold in the States or are difficult to find. (If only I had known to stock up on wheat-free lasagne noodles!) Interestingly, I think I saw that most European brands use corn as a base or potato starch while rice flour seems to be more popular here.

            glutenfreegirl (or, well, her tagline is something approximate) also had a whole post on her experiences dining out in Italy, which was really great.

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