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Dec 21, 2006 06:33 PM

Free Corkage In/Near Studio City?

A couple that I know of are Caioti Pizza Cafe on Tujunga and Daichan on Ventura. Anyone know any others?

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  1. Cafe Bizou on Ventura...just $5 corkage.

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    1. re: joluca

      Actually, I was just there last night, and we were charged $2 per bottle; that's also what's advertised on their web site. I had heard somewhere it had gone up, but thankfully it hasn't.
      Actually, I think Le Petit Jacques down the street has a $5 corkage. I like that, too--sort of similar idea to Cafe Bizou, but smaller and cozier--and without the insane scene.

    2. Pinot Bistro in Studio City on Ventura.

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      1. re: archer

        I believe Pinot Bistro has free corkage on weekdays only and definitely not holidays

        1. re: Hughlipton

          Unless they changed their policy recently, corkage was free on weekends, too. I've never been on a holiday.

      2. Il Tiramisu on Ventura & Woodman (sherman oaks), $5 corkage

        1. This is one of my pet peevs. If a restaurant does not have wine, it should not charge any corkage. Its a pretty simple service to open a bottle and supply a couple of glasses. I don't espcet ridel stemware and dotting wine service, just a corkscrew. If a restaurant does have wine, corkage should be minimal, but customers should not bring a wine available from the list, and always offer the somelier a glass for good karma

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          1. re: rednyellow

            Technically, a restaurant that has no licensing to sell wine cannot permit wine to be open at all, regardless of cost or lack thereof.
            That is why Cafe Bizou is in the location in Sherman Oaks it is now, they were allowing wine to be brought into a building with no licensing, and thus had to relocate.

            1. re: rednyellow

              I'm happy to pay a modest fee. I know of a restaurant that rarely charges customers that byob, unless of course they bring in $2 chuck.