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Dec 21, 2006 06:13 PM

Late Night Spot in Hollywood that serves good food and drinks?

Does anyone know a place that serves good food and drinks (think martinis) past 12pm? I've been to Bossa Nova, Lola's, Palm Thai, Jones...looking for something new and tasty or old and fabulous. In Hollywood or close by...

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    1. re: Chowpatty

      Bowery's kitchen closes at 12AM (or before if they're not busy)

    2. Citizen Smith's kitchen is open late - get the sliders and mac n cheese for a late night snack

      1. I checked out some reviews of bowery and magnolia. both are very close to me so that's good but magnolia got trashed by a lot of people on citysearch that the service was horrible. I'll probably check out both anyway.

        I should've added this to my question: Does anyone know a good late night spot for good food and drinks that doesn't have loud music in Hollywood? (And is not too trendy?) I like to eat with my man, have a drink, chat up a bit and then get the hell out of there...(at 12:30 at night!)

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        1. re: pyragirl

          My one experience at Magnolia was quite positive. Strolled over from the Arclight at around 9:30 on a Saturday night and obtained a table for two on the rear deck almost immediately. We were lucky: a group that came in right behind us was told there'd be a 45-minute wait (it was a group of 4). Anyway, the service was attentive and unobtrustive - surprisingly professional, really, considering where we were. Good advice from the waiter on the menu. Our bottle of wine was brought quickly. Our caesar salad came out not long after we ordered. Our mains were delivered hot, with not too long of a wait after we finished our salad. Didn't have empty plates in front of us for long. Really, it was exactly what you want from a restaurant (and the food was tasty and well-executed, though not particularly cutting edge).

          And out on the patio/deck, it was quiet enough to have a conversation. They have heaters out there, so it was perfectly comfortable...but this was several weeks ago when the temperature was a bit milder.

        2. -Pacific Dining Car- I've never been and it's not in Hollywood. But hey, late night there won't be traffic.
          They're open 27/7/365. If I were closer I'd love to go for a late steak dinner. Does anyone know if the food is good?

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          1. re: soulimar

            The Pacific Dining Car downtown is my favourite. Period. It is not trendy, or fusion, no culinary pyrotechnics, just great food and perfect service. It is expensive. The steaks are top notch dry aged beef. They make their own sausage and have the best eggs bennedicts in town. Their eggs sardoux (spelling?) are the best outside of New Orleans. I've been for dinner or breakfast countless times over the last 20 years and have never had a poor experience. Check it out. I hope you like it.

          2. Oddly, whenever I'm hungry late at night and I'm in Hollywood, I'm drifting towards either Canter's or Pink's.

            BLD's kitchen doesn't close until 11pm.

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            1. re: SauceSupreme

              aaahhh yes Canter's.. and they do have bar hhmm. can you get the full menu in the bar? or can you get cocktails in the coffee shop area?