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Dec 21, 2006 06:10 PM

How to combine Apples and Cheddar - Advice Please!

So I keep hearing/reading about the deliciousness of the combination of apples and cheddar, but I still have never tried it. So I know nothing about it, and I have questions. What kind of apples? Tart (green) or sweet (red)? What about the apple pie and cheddar combo? I'm especially curious about that, as I love sweet/salty combos (meat w/ fruit glazes and sauces, etc.).

I would like to take the newfound knowledge provided to me by my fellow CH's and transform it into an appetizer involving puff pastry. Any suggestions on how to do it? Should I just fill a pocket of puff w/ pieces of apples and cheddar? Should I make some kind of apple pie-ish filling, put a slice of cheese on top, and wrap in puff? Or would that be gross? I read somewhere about apple pies with cheddar baked in the crust, but I tend to prefer the creamy meltiness of the cheese itself as opposed to the crunchiness of baking it into crusts.

As you can see, I have little knowledge about this subject. Please help me change that! :-)

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  1. Putting a slice of cheese on apple pie is a classic new england preparation. I do like your idea of a cheddar crust with apples though, it sounds great.

    However, you really can't get much better than a cheese and fruit platter, with crackers...

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      There's a great recipe for cheddar-crust apple turnovers in the Little Pie Company of the Big Apple's Pies and Other Dessert Favorites (an excellent little book, unfairly neglected.)

    2. How about a grilled cheese and apple sandwich?

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        A little cafe near where I work used to make a grilled cheddar and apple sandwich, and it was delicious. They also used a garlic spread, which gave it the perfect mix of sweetness and bite...

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          i have grilled cheese with either macs or granny smiths... and bacon... mmm... bacon...

        2. Fondue! Smoked cheddar and beer fondue is great with apple slices.

          1. A favorite snack of mine is merely cheese of any sort with apples. The choice of apples is a personal preference but I like the tart crunchy type such as a granny smith tho have been wooed by the honey crisp on occasion. The idea of it in puff pastry is interesting and if I were tasked with this, I'd chop the apples, shred the cheese and then roll up in pastry like a strudel or similar.Brush with egg, sprinkle with a little shredded cheese about halfway thru baking. If you want to make it like an apple pie, make the pie filling, less sweet than normal, and put a layer of cheese on top of the filling. Other options are serving the cheese as an accompaniement rather than incorporating it in the dish.

            Let me know how it works out....

            1. Cheddar muffins with shredded or diced apples are nice. Or, check out these recipes:

              Cheddar Apple Muffins

              Swiss Apple Breakfast Loaf