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Dec 21, 2006 05:52 PM

The Best of Miami

Hey Chowhounders,

I'm going to be in Miami next week for a little vacation and I'm looking to eat the best the city of Miami can offer.

I can do one super pricey meal, but otherwise I'mm going to be looking for entrees in the $20 or less.

I especially NEED to know what the best Cuban place is in town. I am also looking, specifically for a good Jewish deli and, since my wife doesn't eat meat, places that have tasty non-meat options.

I also would love to hear about any markets that deserve a look.

So tell me what Miami's got. I'm counting on you.

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  1. You can forget Jewish Deli.

    Some of my favorites in no particular order:
    Prime 112
    Osteria Del Teatro
    Romeo's Cafe (if opened)
    Joes Stone Crabs
    Marks (have not been in a while)
    Mr Chu (dim-sum lunch)

    entrees for 20/less
    Macaluso's (lunch only)
    Never tried Hy-Vong but you probably should...
    Never tried Salmon-Salmon but you probably should...
    Mr Chu's (dim sum lunch)

    I will leave best cuban to others.

    1. for jewish, epicure market on alton road is a great deli and grocery store.

      1. Don't even try for a corn beef or pastrami sandwich at epicure. Roast beef is not bad though and tuna salad sandwich is excellent.

        Epicure is more of a gourment market that happens to serve deli btw.

        1. Arnie and Ritchie's on 41st Street for deli.

          1. Arnie and Ritchie's is not good.