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The Best of Miami

Hey Chowhounders,

I'm going to be in Miami next week for a little vacation and I'm looking to eat the best the city of Miami can offer.

I can do one super pricey meal, but otherwise I'mm going to be looking for entrees in the $20 or less.

I especially NEED to know what the best Cuban place is in town. I am also looking, specifically for a good Jewish deli and, since my wife doesn't eat meat, places that have tasty non-meat options.

I also would love to hear about any markets that deserve a look.

So tell me what Miami's got. I'm counting on you.

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  1. You can forget Jewish Deli.

    Some of my favorites in no particular order:
    Prime 112
    Osteria Del Teatro
    Romeo's Cafe (if opened)
    Joes Stone Crabs
    Marks (have not been in a while)
    Mr Chu (dim-sum lunch)

    entrees for 20/less
    Macaluso's (lunch only)
    Never tried Hy-Vong but you probably should...
    Never tried Salmon-Salmon but you probably should...
    Mr Chu's (dim sum lunch)

    I will leave best cuban to others.

    1. for jewish, epicure market on alton road is a great deli and grocery store.

      1. Don't even try for a corn beef or pastrami sandwich at epicure. Roast beef is not bad though and tuna salad sandwich is excellent.

        Epicure is more of a gourment market that happens to serve deli btw.

        1. Arnie and Ritchie's on 41st Street for deli.

          1. Arnie and Ritchie's is not good.

            1. Roasters and Toasters down in Kendall isn't bad, but if you're used to a place like KATZ in the Lower East Side of NYC, you'd better 4-get-about-it! I think Arnie and Richie's sold recently. Anyone been lately?

              I dig Lario's on the Beach for Cuban. Puerto Sagua has some great Pollo Asado ask for the breast. Both are on sobe. Versailles is also good Cuban on Calle Ocho and I have heard good things about la culebrinas for cuban too.

              Joe Allen's has a good Veggie Stew for the Mrs. and an awesome cheesburger or other great comfort dishes for you.

              1. Arnie and Richie's is packed with people who own Jewish deli's in NY

                1. Sorry to disagree Sobe, but that does not make it good. Maybe I went on a bad day but my corned beef sandwich was as dry as the soft sand of our beautiful beaches and tasted about the same. It is better than Jerry's though...but Jerry's is an abomination.

                  1. Thanks a lot. . . I am definitely going to hit as many of these places as I can.

                    What about sushi in SoBe? Any suggestions?

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                      Sushi is not great either. The best place is probably bond st now which is very good but not incredible. If you go to nobu, do not get sushi there, it is much more expensive than bond but no better than bond st.

                    2. sushi saigon on washington is a hidden gem. its great japanese and vietnamese. we love their section in the back- 2 low tables with cushions to sit on. very quality sushi and always amazed how low the prices are. lots of good choices for a vegetarian as well.

                      1. I've had good deli sandwiches at Arnie and Ritchie's over the years. Their bagels are good too. Of course, I'm talking South Florida standards and not NYC. Unfortunately, there is nothing else down here.

                        1. If you want a new source for good deli, try "Sams Deli", it on 41 street across from Arnie & Richies, it is stricktly Kosher but the cold cuts are top notch, it is very clean and well run.
                          It is easily the best in this end of the world.

                          1. Cuban - limited experience, but I love Versailles, and nearer to the beach both branches of David's - kinda like the smaller one with the coffee shop vibe better, and it's 24 hrs IIRC

                            1. Sushi Samba on Lincoln Road in South Beach is a nice change from the usual sushi restaurant; Brazilian/Japanese. Very good, too. Puerta Sagua on 7th and Collins (South Beach) is the best place for Cuban - great Sopa de Pescado. Very authentic. Lario's on Ocean Drive is good too, but completely different (read loud and upscale but with an ocean breeze.)

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                                Tried Puerta Sagua - pork chops, rice/beans, plantains were tasty - another diner hated the breakfast though (and I did not understand why) -

                              2. Sushi Samba is a chain - not at all unique to sobe.

                                1. I disagree with the posters about the lack of good delis in this area. At least in Aventura we have Mo's on 187th St. and Bagel Cove just north on Biscayne Blvd. Both are good. Mo's has huge sandwiches, good mushroom and barley soup, and a variety of Jewish style bagels. They even have bialys. Very good black and white cookies and babkas. Bagel Cove is a smaller restaurant but also has good deli food in my opinion. Bagels in both places are close to New York quality. Sage in Hallandale Beach is another deli that has very good bagels. Also Anny's Bakery on W. Dixie Highway and about 180th St. just off Biscayne has the best challah I have ever had including New York. Her breads and cinnamon rolls are worth the drive.

                                  1. I think Roasters in Dadeland area is pretty good Deli(not 2nd AVe
                                    or Carnegie) but good for Miami, Cuban is hit or miss, Versaiiles is classic but food is coldish. Cafe Grazie on So Beach is good for Italian as is Osteria del Teatro, Taverna Opa(Greek)is loads of fun and scenery-prepare to drink but go. My kids like Jerrys Deli (Washington),relatively new but Wolfiesish.

                                    1. If I were to say Jerry's Deli is awful, it would be an insult to awful restaurants everywhere.

                                      1. Too bad. The Jerry's in L.A. were always good. Clean, good service (even at 2 in the morning). Something happens whenever a good chain comes to Miami, it always turns to crap. Even Qdoba, a mediocre TexMex place owned by Jack in the Box gets destroyed. The one in South Miami is dirty, the workers look dirty, and the burritos are so rolled so badly that I wanted to jump over the counter and do it myself. Are the restaurant workers here really that bad and apathetic?

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                                          Jerry's is not a "good chain", the Jerry's stores in the L.A. area all suck (and this is the consensus of the L.A. board regulars), so it's not a Florida thing.

                                          1. re: ChinoWayne

                                            Were they ever good? I thought when I went there it was solid. But I must admit that was like 5 years ago. I will say if it has not gone in steep decline. You have no idea how much worse it can be :).

                                        2. NO, THE EMPLOYEES HERE ARE JUST LAX!!! :-)

                                          Not to mention the fact that those who come to conquer Miami are ill prepared to speak the unofficial language of the magic city! Therefore the communication breakdown begins before the ball can even start to roll...I have seen it time and time again where a great concept from a major city shows up only to go back where they came from with their tales between their legs! It's a crying shame, but F&B people in MIA are definitely dancing to the beat of a different drummer...

                                          1. Jerry's probably does very well btw (lots of tourists late night and coming off/to the beach), but unfortunately the food is terrible (again sorry to all terrible restaurants). The one in LA is solid. I was hoping for the same here...

                                            1. If you are looking for a really good Corned Beef and Swiss on Rye or the perfect Rueben go to Lots of Lox near SW152nd and Old Dixie Highway. Great smoked fish (sable) or lox and cream cheese. I love a place that you can get a rueben sandwich for breakfast!

                                              I have been to Katz's and Stage Deli in NYC and it is just as good.

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                                                Lot's of Lox became Roasters and Toasters years ago! You can still get your Rueben for breakfast.

                                                1. re: netmover

                                                  Roasters actually moved from Suniland(112 & US1)to 90thSt & USI when Danny Kaplan and others took over Lots of Lox and expanded,there is another Lots of Lox on US1 & 152nd St which IMHO is fine but not as good as Roasters, esp not for bkfst. To prior poster who compares it to Katz's deli, pass what youre smokin-not even close.I prefer carnegie to stage and 2nd Ave deli beats them all- but alas were in MIA- however ruben is good at Lots...

                                                  1. re: gzberg

                                                    oh, I thought when Danny bought them out, lots of lox went bye-bye...I guess they sold out and moved, as opposed to just selling out.

                                                    I would agree with you whole heartedly, NOBODY comes close to KATZ not here-not there! BTW, 2nd ave deli closed.

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                                                      I guess I was thinking about the $12-13 I paid for a sandwich which I know was really good, but I have definately had better in Cleveland, Ohio at a place called Slyman's.