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Mar 29, 2005 03:53 PM

Flying Saucer Chef Albert Tordjman

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Does anyone one know where Albert is cooking these days? A true master.

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  1. Word has it that he is consulting a young turk who has opened "Winterland", in Julia's old space on Post? at Steiner.

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      TORDJMAN Albert

      merci de prendre contact à bientôt

      1. Hi!

        I also have been looking for Albert Tordjman for years!
        I celebrated my 22nd birthday at Flying Saucer. Is he at Winterland now? I've searched to no avail for quite some time.


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        1. re: Mishka

          albert's in Thailand!!!
          robert johnston

        2. Albert is my neighbournow. he's cooking in thailand, now. if you want to get in touch i'll pass a message on

          robert johnsotn

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          1. re: bob

            Hi, Robert,

            Are you still in touch with Albert? Would love to pass a message to him or know how to reach him.


            1. re: ohmnivore

              One of my regrets is not having put forth the effort to eat, at least one time, at the Flying Saucer. It was hard to get in, parking was daunting. I just know I would have loved it.

          2. Does any one know where in Thailand Albert is cooking? I was very fortunate to have been able to eat there twice and drink beers with him at the Mucky Duck at Irving and 10th he is amazing his food to this day make me hate to eat anywhere else.... If all it is, is a plne ticket to eat his food with a Thai twist sigh me up. the last time i saw him he gave me a Flying Saucer poster done by Nicholas Kouninos a artist that did a bunch of the posters for the Winterland! Really cool. Kenneth Aldin the chef that took over at the end of Flying Saucer, previously at the Zodiac Club I don't know if any of you ate there but, wonderful creative food, also!

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            1. re: snelson2424

              if you google his name, you will find his e-mail address and phone number in Thailand from Jean-Georges Vongerichten's blog dated March 21, 2008. Try it! It is easy.