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Dec 21, 2006 05:29 PM

Burrata from Aniata in Del Mar

Has anyone else had this? I went to Aniata to pick up cheeses for my friend's gift. They were really helpful - I basically said I wanted three cheeses and my only criteria was that they are different than what you can buy from TJ or Whole Foods. I ended up with those cheeses, a wedge of Raclette, brie with truffles, a piece of Wendsleydale (because, like Wallace & Grommit, I would love a cheese vacation), nice salami, and the last ball of burrata.

The brie was pretty heady with truffles in the middle. The Wendsleydale was more novelty than something I'd crave. But the burrata was so good! Soft layers of cheese with what seemed to be cream oozing out and the flavor was buttery and rich. I ate half with a tomato only, saved some to let my bf taste, then ate the rest this morning for breakfast.

Where else could I find this in San Diego? Aniata is on my way home from work, so it's really convenient, but now I want to go gobble up as much as I can find!

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  1. Buon Appetito in Little Italy serves house-made burrata, or at least they did last time I was there. It was amazingly good.

    1. I love Aniata! We got a really awful piece of Red Hawk from Cowgirl Creamery - it stunk up our refrigerator until we figured out what it was. We nearly had to call Haz Mat. Next visit my husband told them about it, casually - not expecting anything. They told him that it happens occasionally with Red Hawk and fully refunded the price to him. Handed him back cash. Don't find that kind of service almost anywhere these days.

      They do have decent cheeses at Bristol Farms at UTC, but it's not nearly as much fun as Aniata!

      1. Aniata is great. They even keep a computerized record of what you buy so you can find it again.

        1. Aniata is probably your best bet for burrata. I got burrata from Bristol Farms and it fell sorely short of the creamy, milky, clean freshness of Aniata's. Kind of like the difference between really fresh mozzerella and the kind that's been sitting around for a few days.

          1. My favorite time to buy burrata cheese is in the summer. Buy it from Aniata, then drive a little bit further to Chino Farms for some of thier sweet tomatos and fresh basil. Last year they had some micro basil that had a little spice to it.