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Dec 21, 2006 05:23 PM

Gyros in Daytona?

Having moved here just a few months ago, I'm looking for any tips on where to find good-old gyros in Daytona. We hit up the Greek festival a month ago and I was psyched to see a Greek community here, so I'm wondering if there are good gyro stands in town.

Just looking for the basic meat-on-a-spit, counter-served gyro . . . not looking to gourmet it, nor to finesse whether it's authentic. Thanks in advance . . . see you there!!

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  1. I had a decent one at Gina's 6th Street Deli, across from the News-Journal (the actual paper, not the fancy new performing arts center), 6th Street and Nova Road.

    Other than that, I've heard the Stavros local pizza chain has decent Greek food. I also have a menu on my desk from Parthenon Pizza, 505 White Street, Daytona 258-7180. We only had pizza from there (which was kinda gross, actually) but I have heard their Greek food is better. They have both lamb and chicken gyros.

    Barring that, call the church where the Greek festival was and ask the secretary where she and her friends go. :-D I'll ask around here as well, and add more if I find something out.

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      THANKS, C.O. -- I also will look to see if I have my festival program, perhaps the contributing restaurants advertised or listed in there (!) . . . and I will check out Gina's.

      I have had Stavros' pizza, but I never saw the tell-tale gyro upright grills. I'll check it out next time I'm in there, see if they have gyros or just more dinner fare on their Greek menu items.