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Dec 21, 2006 05:20 PM

What to Order at Eleven Madison Park?

I am looking forward to dinner at EMP this Friday night. We will be getting the 3 course menu. I was wondering if anyone had any particular suggestions as to "can't miss" items on the menu. Thanks!

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  1. Definitely do not miss the seriously delicious duck for two. And if you like foie gras, get the terrine. Not only is it fabulous, but it's accompanied by a small dish of the most sensational foie gras creme brulee.

    Enjoy and Bon Appetit!

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    1. re: RGR

      Thanks! I was debating between the duck and the pig confit, which was recently mentioned in New York magazine. I am sure I can't go wrong with either!

      1. re: razzledazzle

        The thing about the duck is that it is actually served as two separate courses. I think it's best for you to be surprised at how Chef Humm does that, so I won't explain further. But it really is something else!

    2. I plan on placing myself in chef Daniel's hands on my upcoming b-day and going for the tasting.

      If I were to go today I would definately get the truffles before they are gone.

      1. Any more recent suggestions? Our dinner is tomorrow night and we are also going to go for the 3-course prix fixe.

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          If you've never had Chef Humm's signature duck for two, it's #1. Both the lamb and the beef main dishes are superb. For starters, I highly recommend the foie gras and the crab roulade. Desserts? My favorites are the quark souffle and the pastilla, If you like chocolate, I'd choose the Caraibe gateaux.

          Enjoy and Bon Appetit!