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Just saw this in the Herald. I think it's pathetic. In the next 5 years this area will have almost nothing of its history left. Pretty much the only institution in South Florida will be Joe's.


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  1. :-(
    Pave paradise, and put up a parking lot.

      1. Shocking!

        I went to the one in Boca early this year for some grub and it was shuttered...I guess it was only a matter of time before they closed the original.

        Let's just hope these Rogue owners don't close Epicure one day!

        1. Epicure has got to be one of the most overpriced places on the planet. I'd much rather it go under than Rascal House.

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            Oh yeah. Some very nice stuff, lots of middle-of-the-road stuff, and the highest markups this side of a stadium concession stand. My NYC-centric slogan for Epicure is "Zabar's quality at Dean and DeLuca prices".

          2. apple vs orange

            you are quasi-correct-o-mundo!

            have you ever noticed the little sammy stahl between the cooked food and meat/seafood counter? stingy sized albeit, but at 3.95 they're a real steal! Also, check out the area around the bend from where they make fresh deli sammies, soups, sauces, pop in the oven baked ziti/lazagna and other assorted goodies. the produce can be exorbanant (sic?) but I find it to be of the very best quality and the mixed greens seem like a great deal? the salads to go were reasonable, but just jumped up a buck each...it's still a bargain when you're on the run and again it's top quality...it's definately a convenience factor as I reside on the south side and do not frequent sunny isles, especially now that the 63rd ST. flyover is in rubble.

            the thing that scares me about epicure is the meat/seafood dept...almost no prices posted! and you know what they say, "if you got to ask...you can't afford it"!!! That's my dilema dujour every time I walk in there and feel the love at first sight with the assortment of gourmet grub waiting to be loved ala Emeril/netmover's stove-oven. I really think they'd sell a hell of a lot more if people didn't feel the intimadation of having to ask bashfully. Cadillac started sharing their prices in a marketing campaign and their sales shot thru the roof once the people could come to terms with the sticker shock on their own terms without having to ask.

            1. The tuna salad alone is raison d'etre for epicure.

              1. exactly...there are other good deals in that prepared foods display...and they post prices and there is always a wait...I reckon it'd be the same way over at the seafood/meat dept...maybe not as long of a wait, but take a number style.

                1. had lunch at rascal house today, for the last time. grew up going there when visiting my grandparents 20 years ago, so it was a special spot for me. when my husband and i went last spring, we had a good experience. based on today- we wouldnt go back whether they stayed open or not.

                  my husbands 'mile high' corned beef sandwich was skimpier than a $3.95 epicure pre-made sandwich, yet $13. my soup and half sandwich came out together, 15 minutes after his. there seems to be no rhyme or reason as to who gets bread basket, pickles and slaw at the counter. overall just very disappointing.

                  there was a fairly long line most of out meal, but looking around it appeared many diners were done, with plates in front of them not cleared, while waiting too long for checks.

                  maybe they are just over it, and don't really care about running the place well now that they are closing?

                  1. went to Rascal House a few monthes ago and got the SAME service as gingersnap wrote about above.

                    Food is NOWHERE as good as it once was- greasy-bad service, high prices....

                    Give me TOOJAY's in Boca any day ====

                    1. I grew up going to Rascal House with my parents, a rare treat and a piece of Miami history for this Kendall Jewboy with New York City blood. I'm glad I got to take my new girlfriend down there a couple months back (we both live in Orlando now) because it probably won't be there the next time we're in South Florida. And it was pretty disappointing, now that I think about it -- worst of all, the beloved bread basket costs extra rather than being a freebie! We also got there moments after "breakfast" ended and "lunch" started, and our waitress was very snippy and dismissive when I asked if she could bring us out a basket of the morning's danishes. Whatever, it was nice while it lasted, but I'm also a huge fan of Toojay's.

                      1. I think the "attitude" is part of the Jewish deli experience....However, I will always overlook waitresses with a 'tude for top quality food....That is why the Carnegie will always be #1 to me....herd em like cattle, but the Woody Allen (Corn beef/pastrami) is the benchmark....

                        Check out Ben's in West Boca....this is a fairly new outpost of a venerable LI chain...IMO better than Toojays....

                        By the way, in the same shopping center is a great casual Italian place, Villa Rosano....