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Dec 21, 2006 05:10 PM

a spin on peppermint bark

Since I cant find a safe (allergy-wise) white chocolate Im thinking of making a layered peppermint bark with 2 different kinds of chocolate....

I have bittersweet and semisweet baking bars plus a large bag of hershey kisses...which 2 would make the best combo? Im going to flavor one of the layers with peppermint extract as well

I also have chocolate mint candy canes to use as the topping

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  1. What kind of allergies are you working around? My kids have peanut/tree nut allergies and I am able to use the Baker's brand white chocolate - it is the only thing I have found that is okay.

    1. I vote for the bittersweet w/the kisses. Semisweet is just sooo sweet.. the bittersweet will give it a nice foundation.

      (By the way - did I miss something - what about white chocolate makes it more allergy-problematic than regular chocolate?)

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        We have egg and nut allergies....I looked in several stores and couldnt find the Bakers...the only kind I saw was Nestle and it had a nut warning. I ended up contacting Kraft and they suggested a store to check out and we found some there

        I already made the peppermint bark and used bittersweet on the bottom, milk chocolate on top (with some peppermint extract). Crushed chocolate mint candy canes on top.....was very yummy but will increase the peppermint next time :)