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Dec 21, 2006 04:56 PM

Help! My Cuisinart is Stuck!

Has anyone run into a problem with their Cuisinart Food Processor? The last few times I've used it, I've had a big problem releasing the lid from the bowl. The lid seems stuck and won't come off.

I've tried pressing down, Standing on a step-stool to get more leverage, putting a damp towel underneath to keep the base from slipping, all to no avail.

My chopped walnuts are being held prisoner. I could use your help!


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  1. I would inspect the critter over more carefully for whatever imperfections that are causing that. A minute crack/split near the top could easily bind up making the top wedge into place. Food getting into the grooves can bind up a top.

    Does that food processor have a center alignment pin for the knives or attachments? (A metal protruding pin) It could be bent.

    I do not recomend doing nuts or beans in full size processor bowls. (Greater than 2 cups) It knocks them out of wack really bad. Small portion processors or grinding mills should be used.

    1. This has never happened to mine, so I can only theorize. You might take the same approach as with a stuck jar lid and heat it. Obviously you don't want to hold the whole thing under hot running water, but try soaking a towel in very hot water and wrapping it around the seam for a few seconds.

      If you get it off, try rubbing the seams with some plain white unscented candle wax before each use to help keep it from sticking in the future.

      1. Maybe it's the security mechanism, for example, if the it's slight pushed towards "On", it might be "locked" to prevent injury. Make sure all the buttons are in the neutral position.

        1. It happens to me all the time and I've never been able to figure out why. I've analyzed that locking mechanism until I thought I could build one and still couldn't figure it out. Sometimes, I just give the feed tube a good hit with the base of my palm and that does it. Sometimes releasing the outer sleeve of the feed tube seems to help. Hope someone who knows for sure how to fix it jumps in here. But I've been living with mine doing that fairly regularly for a couple of years now and at least the machine still works. And I've yet to have anything "held captive" permanently.

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            Have you tried to rotate the lid in the back-on direction, press any interlock, then twist off? The interlock may intentionally jam ("double lock") until the remove-off pressure is released.

            I just got the info from my aunt and it solved her problem for good.

            Ooppss! it is meant for anyone with the issue.

            In case of clarification- Turn the lid back on before unlocking, then twist off.

            1. re: RShea78

              This worked for me! Thanks, RShea!

          2. I have the same problem with both the bowl and lid sticking all the time. They are especially hard to get on the mount and also together. I have to have someone hold the base to get the bowl of the motor mount and the lid off the bowl.