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Dec 21, 2006 04:14 PM

Bringing baked goods on plane? Permitted??

I want to bring some home baked cookies or brownies or something to my inlaws for xmas. With the new security measures I'm not sure if I can bring this on the plane or not. Does anyone know? Should I check it?

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  1. The restrictions relate only to liquids, gels and aerosols. Your baked goods should be fine. Make sure that they can be easily inspected if needed.

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      But of course, not cream-filled!


    2. Yes, you can, but only if you share! Depending on the length of the trip and how much I have to carry, if I am carrying home baked goods, I always pack some for the cabin crew(s). I determine the equipment scheduled for the flight and estimate the number of crew members to determine how many cookies to pack. If my trip has more than one leg, then I carry a second bag if the next leg is over one-hour long.

      During the busy holiday travel weeks, many of these crews don't get to enjoy the festivities with their families. It's my way of sharing it with them. After many trips in and out of IAD/Dulles, the United ticket agents even gave me a farewell gift when they found out I was leaving the Washington area!

      I gave a nougat box filled with truffles from a British chocolatier to the long haul Delta crew taking me home for Christmas one year. It was meant for them to share amoungst themselves. Shortly before arriving in the US one of the flight attendants came up to thank me for the gift. She said they thought it was too pretty to break apart, so they had a raffle amoungst themselves to determine who would receive it. She was the winner. The following year when I did the same thing, the one of the FA's said "I've heard about you", the Christmas candy lady. It made for a nice flight home.

      1. You shouldn't have a problem. As an above poster said, make them easy to access if they wish to inspect them.

        I got an entire pizza (wrapped in aluminum foil and in two ziplock baggies) on a plane from Philly to Dallas about three weeks ago. They just don't make pizza down here like they do back North, and I had to bring some home! I swore that if they told me I couldn't take it on, I'd stand there and eat two pieces before going through security, but when I asked one of the TSA gentlemen, he said there was no issue with it at all. So I got to bring a taste of the old home to the new home.

        1. you'll be fine.

          I have been travelling with baked goods all through the TSA travel rules (can't stand plane food).