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Standing Rib Roast (Prime Rib) at Hows

I just bought my *prime* Prime Rib at Hows last night. They are on sale for $6.99 per pound with $35 purchase. I have heard good things about these roasts, so I am excited to try one. I wanted to give a head's up for anyone else out there who might want to pick one up.

My Costco meat has been disappointing of late, so I did not want to trust them with Prime Rib.

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  1. Really? I have found quite the opposited to be true lately. I went to the Hows on Huntington and had terrible tri tip and the other steaks we bought were overly tough. We now just buy from Costco and find we seldom get a bad piece of meat.

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      Same here. Got the prime grade How's for Thanksgiving. It's not very impressive. I had a better choice grade from Bristol Farms a few years back.

      The Costco meat I got was acceptable (never tried the prime rib there though), but TJ's angus filet tip is the best out of the lot in terms of flavors and tenderness (I usually don't like filets).

    2. i thought standing rib roast is only "choice" grade?

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          that is an awfully low price for prime grade.

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          No, you can get standing rib roast in Choice or Prime. The problem is that Prime is usually reserved for restaurants and hotels and the consumer hardly gets to choose. So, what ends up happening is all we the consumer get is Choice-unless you have good connections with your butcher.

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              I saw someone advertise "Select" Rib Roast, PLEASE !

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                SELECT, A.K.A UDSA Non-Toxic.

                Hamburger made from it is also horrid. Vons, Ralphs etc. have no good ground beef given it's source.

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                  I agree, I've also seen that advertised. It all comes down to consumer beware. "Select" does not mean we selected it just for you...

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                  If you want Prime Rib, go to Huntington Meats at Farmer's Market, 3rd and Fairfax, L. A. We buy all our meat there and it's always excellent, and less expensive than some other markets.

                  Outback Steakhouse and Porterhouse Bistro meat I've read is Choice. Select to me is another word for leather.

              2. We got ours last year from Hows on Huntington... my mom decided to go for Bristol Farms (not sure if this was a good idea) this year because she thought the roast from Hows had a lot of waste (bone & fat). This would make our 2nd time making a roast so we still have a lot of trials and error to go til we find a good one. But that was our experience.

                1. I dont know what it is but I used to get much better prime rib steaks/roasts from Hows, maybe they changed their meat supplier or??? The last roast I had had huge chunks of fat in the middle, what with the bone and large chunks of fat it must of comprised half the weight. A prime should have small marbeling throught the meat not huge inedeble chunks of fat. The other thing that I think is tricky is that they used to offer boneless meat, now on this advertisment they dont state whether boneless or not. It is bone in. Some people like this but you are paying $7 a pound for bones that you will give to the dog.

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                    That's funny - because for the one I made on Thanksgiving the only meat that is tender, juicy, well marbled and tasted like beef is the one right next to the bone! The center part seems like it's from a completely different animal - too lean and tasteless.

                  2. i know what it says on the ad, but i'm extremely skeptical that this is true prime beef. if it is, they're selling it at less than half what they're paying for it. who knows, maybe it's just the christmas spirit.

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                        It's Prime.....Hows is one of the few supermarkets that sell this grade. You are correct yhat they probebly lose $$ on each roast sold , but hey, it gets you in the store. I've always received great pieces of meat from them

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                          They are not in the business of passing off inferior meat as prime. Not to mention, you can examine the blue USDA "Prime" stamp on the carcass if you wish. Just ask them, and they'll be happy to oblige.

                          (P.S. I'm not even going to bring up the different grades of Prime within Prime!)

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                            I never said that How's sells inferior meat. I go there often and I do buy meat from them. My point was that you have to be a little skeptical when you buy meat from establishments that you don't know. What I was trying to get across was that consumers should get to know their butcher so they can access the best beef possible. I Did not and was not referring to How's in any way as a place that sells questionable meat.

                            Yes, I agree with the blue stamp that the USDA Stamps on the carcass as being the holy grail since only they are issued the rollers. Still, is it fool proof? We all know the USDA has also had to deal with some issues of their own lately.

                            My apologies if I bristled anybody's hair if they thought I was referring to How's in any way negative.

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                            No need to shout.

                            And whether you like it or not, HOWS sells Prime and Choice beef. It is illegal to advertise something as Prime if it isn't Prime. Sorry to disappoint you.

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                              Sorry, it's been awhile since I've been to english 101. The "Caps" were not meant to convey a shouting forum. I'll be aware of that next time.

                              As for issue of How's please see response to Joe Blowe. I think this all started with the issue of Costco Meat vs. Hows Meat. It sounds like there are fans on both sides of the camp. Nice.


                        2. I don't know how many of you are fans of "Good Eats" on the TV Food network, but Alton Brown provides an interesting recipe and cooking method for cooking a standing rib roast. I haven't tried it, but for the adventurous:


                          If anyone tries this, I'd be interested in finding out how it goes.

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                            I've used this cooking method several times previously, and intend to do so again on Monday. It comes out fine and makes a lot more sense than the "traditional" method of high heat first, then low heat.

                          2. We tried a 2 bone prime rib from Costco last week and was blown away!!!It really was so good I could`nt believe it was from Costco.We just ate at Lawry`s the week before so we had a good reference point.

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                              Why do you find it hard to believe that Costco has good beef? In my experience, Costco's beef is far better than supermarket beef -- not hard to understand if, as Costco says, the beef it sells is choice grade, while supermarkets generally sell something less than that. My problem with Costco isn't the quality of the meat, it's the quantity: since my hearty-appetite son left for college, the Costco packages are just WAY too big.

                            2. How's, the family descendant of the defunct Hughes chain of stores (known for its meat, bought by Ralphs)) does get in gigantic quantities of prime which they butcher all themselves. How they do it for the price, I don't know. I suspect loss leaders, as another poster noted. And, I have had some incredible meat from there, the marbling making a carnivore like myself's knees weak. However, keep in mind it's not aged. They do sell a line of aged choice which the butchers tell me has better flavor than their prime. I have found this recommendation to be true, though when the prime is on sale it's less than the choice! Caveat: every now and then, the expected prime marbling is not there. The prime skirt is always fantastic.

                              1. Oh my goodness... went to pick up our 3 rib prime roast from Bristol Farms today... on the way to checkout my mom and i were saying to each other "wow, don't tell dad" over the $72 pricetag... and then got rung up and realized we didn't notice the little 1 in there, as in $172.

                                i am still in shock. is this ridiculous or does a good roast really cost that much?!? i mean, nearly $200 for a raw piece of meat???

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                                  I did that a couple of years ago. Mine was a little bigger...so the price tag was $250. I was pretty stunned. It was really good....but still......

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                                    It turned out delicious... but for that price I'd rather go out to dinner... I think she would agree with me. Lesson learned.

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                                      Well, dinner at Ruth's Chris is even more expensive, but you don't have to cook and wash up. I think it was close to $30-40 for a piece of meat, without any side dishes.

                                      For a cheaper option, I would suggest going to Lawry's Cavery at South Coast Plaza and order their prime rib platter. It's very good (especially with the asparagus side dish, hold the jus), and at $15 cheaper than most other dine out options.

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                                    WOW!!! We paid a little less than that that much for our four bone Prime grade dry aged Standing Roast from Harvey Guss this Thanksgiving... it was one beautiful piece of meat...



                                  3. not at all. i was going to do a 3-bone dry-aged from niman ranch until i found out it was $300. couldn't justify it for 6 people. got the crown roast of pork instead, at $90.

                                    1. i've got my hows roast cooking now - 8 pounder - went with a garlic/olive oil/rosemary/thyme spread with s&p...it was a winner last year , hope for the same this year ...we'll see !!

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                                        My HOWS 9-pounder was a big hit this year, and there was just enough left for the three of us to have another dinner. I seasoned mine exactly the same as you did, except I used canola oil to rub rather than olive because of its higher smoke point. Olive oil is probably a tastier option, though.