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Dec 21, 2006 03:46 PM

Whatcha making for Christmas morning B'fast?

I've got some Devonshire cream I need to use, so I'll probably make some scones, but at a loss for the protein part of the meal. The two us us'll be having a rib roast for dinner, so I'd like to make something "light."

What are you making? I might steal an idea or two!

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    1. Smoked salmon is always nice and 'light'... you could serve the salmon with savoury scones.

      At my house my mom makes phyllo rolls that have scrambled eggs, herbs, green onions and bacon or ham in them. They almost look like little spring rolls. Served with a variety of 'sauces', they're great.
      It's a dish she can make ahead of time and freeze, then bake them on Christmas morning.
      We also have mimosas, fruit salad, coffee cake, toast/breads, tea and coffee, etc.

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        Would you have a recipe or general instructions for the phyllo rolls? They sound great!

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          These sound delicious! Does she use frozen phyllo?

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            She uses thawed, frozen phyllo. From her description, she lightly scrambles the eggs so that they're almost cooked, but still wet and a little runny. She then mixes in diced ham, some cheese (any kind), green onions and/or herbs. Each one is rolled in a buttered phyllo sheet that is rolled in half, then the corners tucked in. You can freeze them at this point, then bake while still frozen, probably for about 20+minutes at 350F. I've never made them, I just hear about them all the time and perhaps should listen some more!
            They're great with all sorts of sauces: catsup, chutney, relishes... each person has their favorite.

        2. Left over Christmas cookies.

          1. Nothing light about what I'm planning: sausage/potato/cheese casserole, biscuits with honey, coffee. Sounds delish but should be enough fat and calories for a month.

            1. Scrambled eggs, fat breakfast sausages and Old Fashioned country bacon from Burger's Smokehouse, baked apples and pears that were part of a Harry & David gift package, locally produced apple, banana nut and blueberry muffins, sweet butter, orange juice and coffee.