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Dec 21, 2006 03:38 PM

Loudest Restaurant in LA: Rustic Canyon

A big group of us ate at Rustic Canyon last night, all very excited. The food lived up to all expectations, exceeded in some cases (the arugala salad with jullianed pear, pecans and gorgonzola is sublime), but we were literally SHOUTING at each other, to be heard. I've been to loud restaurants before but this one is beyond anything I've experienced. The waiter has to literally bend down to your face, to hear your order (not a good thing when the waiter has bad breath)!

My ears are still ringing - it's as though I just got back from seeing a concert (I go to a lot of shows, but my ears don't ring THE NEXT DAY), and my throat is hoarse. That's what you get after 2 hours of yelling.

Did I say the food is fantastic? Great iron steak with these crunchy fries that have a real kick to them (cayenne? paprika? chili powder?). The roast chicken - also great. The only disappointment was the squash soup.

I don't know that they'll fix the acoustics, but I won't be back until they do. It's the structure of the arch that creates this sound chamber, and it's torture - even though it's one of my favorite meals I've had this year - I can't imagine putting myself throught that again.

By the way, I'm young. I don't usually care about loud places. But these ringing ears I have (the next day!!!) are ridiculous.

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  1. It can't possibly be louder than Border Grill on 4th Street. I can never eat there again -- and I'm half-deaf.

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    1. re: Das Ubergeek

      While having similar hearing issues, I can still eat at Border Grill on 4th St. if I do so mid-day and sit at the bar when everyone else is on the dining room side. Quiet enough, yet you wish it were even more so, but still manageable.

    2. It's twice as loud as Border Grill, at least at Border Grill the room is large... This place, you're trapped with that noise.

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        I usually carry a small pair of silicone ear plugs, in case a restaurant is painfully noisy, but this only eliminates the low frequency noise, not the high pitched giggle- or shriek-type noise. I'm considering Bose noise-cancelling headphones next.

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          1. was there music blasting or was it just the noise in general??