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Dec 21, 2006 03:27 PM

Mia Sushi in Eagle Rock

We usually avoid anything we read in the LA Times for at least 6 months, so finally made it to Mia Sushi last night and were easily able to get two seats at the bar. DH and I are pretty much purists - we like straightforward sushi and sashimi, not so much the rolls and other fancy creations. We weren't ravenous, just had a few orders each - hamachi, albacore, scallop, Spanish mackerel and bluefin tuna.

We saw other orders - rolls and such - coming out, and everything looked delicious and beautifully presented.

The good news - the fish was about the best I've had anywhere, perfectly fresh, incredibly rich and tasty. Price was not cheap, but fair for the quality we were getting. The downside - $5.00 for a small Sapporo, $7.50 for nondescript unoaked Chardonnay. C'mon, folks, that's just greedy! I know whenever someone says it's not about the money, it's about the money - but honestly, it's the principal.

If we go back, we'll probably have a drink at home first and stick to tea with our meal - just on principal!

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  1. better yet, go to Colorado Wine Co. on Colorado and buy a nice bottle. Last time I went, they had some deal with the the CWC where they charged a reduced corkage. I got blasted.

    1. The prices for beer and wine are the same at any of the restaurants that i eat at. As a matter of fact, the two of us always get out of the much cheaper for food and drinks than any of the "good" places in Little Tokyo, and Mia is really good and right in the neighborhood.

      1. When Mia first opened, I was thrilled! ("Sushi, in Eagle Rock? Who'd have thunk it???") I have lived in the area for fourteen years and can remember when I scoffed at the notion of a coffee place (Swork) making it on deserted Colorado Blvd.

        For a while I went to Mia once a week, and usually walked away at least $50 poorer.

        Then I got over my Mia obsession and returned to some of my old sushi standbys in Little Tokyo ... and realized that Mia was more expensive and gave smaller cuts of fish.

        I haven't been back since.

        We need, in Eagle Rock, a "neighborhood" sushi joint. No fancy rolls, no black-clad servers, no techno music... just a sushi chef, some knives and some fish.

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          Not quite a "sushi joint", but Panang (yes Panang), does fairly okay sushi that's reasonably priced.

        2. I have also lived in the neighborhood for quite sometime. I am thrilled that we have the options of all of these great little restaurants in Eaglerock. I can remeber when the options were NOTHING. I support the local restaurants as much as I can. I say thanks to Mia Sushi, Swork, Aunie Em's, Spitz, Colorado Wine Company, Daves Chillin and Grillen, and all of the others for opening up in Eagle Rock, and really giving it a go. Now we have options and can keep our money in our neighborhood.