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Dec 21, 2006 02:32 PM

vegetarian in Alexandria and/or DC??

My collegue needs to get a holiday gift for his assistant, and wanted to get her a restaurant gift certificate. She is vegetarian, her husband, we think, is not. They live nearest to Alexandria. Any thoughts in Alexandria, or DC?

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  1. Maybe Vegetate in DC, also for some place with a bit more ambiance, though in a loathsome empire of food, Zaytinya has a huge variety of vegie options.

    1. Aladdins in Shirlington has good vegetarian options.

      1. Sunflower Vegetarian on rt. 123 in Vienna is the best vegetarian in the DC-area.

        1. 100 King Street in Alexandria has very nice vegetarian options and options for carnivores, mediterranean small plates. A la Lucia is a great Italian restaurant in North Old Town where a vegetrian can eat well.

          In DC, I just tried Rasika, an Indian place on D Street in the Penn Quarter. We shared a number of vegetarian dishes that were delicious. It's expensive but I loved it. Also a favorite of mine is Teaism, that has several locations (my favorite is the one in Penn Quarter). I know they sell gift certificates because I have given them as gifts.

          1. Although I've never been, i would not do Sunflower Vegetarian. My reasoning behind this is that vegetarian ONLY options can be really limiting. As a vegetarian, I'm usually able to put together a good meal at non-vegetarian restaurants, and often find veggie only restaurants sacrifice flavor in the higher name of something else. I would do Zaytinya. Loads of good options for veggies and non and fun atmosphere.