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vegetarian in Alexandria and/or DC??

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My collegue needs to get a holiday gift for his assistant, and wanted to get her a restaurant gift certificate. She is vegetarian, her husband, we think, is not. They live nearest to Alexandria. Any thoughts in Alexandria, or DC?

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  1. Maybe Vegetate in DC, also for some place with a bit more ambiance, though in a loathsome empire of food, Zaytinya has a huge variety of vegie options.

    1. Aladdins in Shirlington has good vegetarian options.

      1. Sunflower Vegetarian on rt. 123 in Vienna is the best vegetarian in the DC-area. http://www.crystalsunflower.com/

        1. 100 King Street in Alexandria has very nice vegetarian options and options for carnivores, mediterranean small plates. A la Lucia is a great Italian restaurant in North Old Town where a vegetrian can eat well.

          In DC, I just tried Rasika, an Indian place on D Street in the Penn Quarter. We shared a number of vegetarian dishes that were delicious. It's expensive but I loved it. Also a favorite of mine is Teaism, that has several locations (my favorite is the one in Penn Quarter). I know they sell gift certificates because I have given them as gifts.

          1. Although I've never been, i would not do Sunflower Vegetarian. My reasoning behind this is that vegetarian ONLY options can be really limiting. As a vegetarian, I'm usually able to put together a good meal at non-vegetarian restaurants, and often find veggie only restaurants sacrifice flavor in the higher name of something else. I would do Zaytinya. Loads of good options for veggies and non and fun atmosphere.

            1. Aladdin's in Shirlington is OK, definitely worth the price, entrees so inexpensive I started to feel sorry for the waitstaff. A gift certificate would go pretty far there

              Jaleo in Crystal City or DC would be another great option for you

              And anyone going to Vegetate should check to see if they finally have their liquor license. They've been in a neighborhood scuffle with a church.

              good luck and Tasty Holidays everyone!