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Dec 21, 2006 02:14 PM

Restaurant Week 2007

Announced for January 8-14:

I'm returning to Zola for lunch, which was fantastic last year given a full menu selection of three courses. I snagged dinner reservations at IndeBleu, which I can't afford under normal circumstances, and Oceanaire (ditto), but I've read mixed reviews for both places during RW. Anyone have positive or negative feedback to report?

Has anyone been to RW at Zengo, Kaz, Cafe Atlantico for lunch, or any other sushi place, like Sushi-Ko or Sake Club?

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  1. I went to Indebleu last year for RW- and boy was it bad. Not much of a selection, and just not that good. And if you get drinks there (which are very tempting) it's not that cheap.

    Cafe Atlantico for lunch during RW is deeeelicious.

    1. You won't be disappointed in Oceanaire but its seafood is not on a par with the quality you can expect at Kinkades.

      Oceanaire: Think large portions; good quality
      Kinkades: Think small portions; excellent quality

      1. I had Inde on Tuesday. It was delish. Was a limited menu, but they were all good. The chicken stuffed with goat cheese was nice and simple. My friend had the salmon with this green mint sauce that was tasty. My fav was the shrimp samosoas! The best! Desert was only so-so, I had the marshmellow ice cream. It was clever, but nothing exciting. We just had a glass of wine, so the bill was not too bad. It such a neat space I always enjoy the chance to eat there.