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Dec 21, 2006 02:09 PM

Do wooden spoons become "seasoned"?

I love a nice wooden spoon. Seems like they're good for all kinds of tasks -especially if you have toddlers (just kidding!)

Anyway, a couple of my spoons are getting old, but they are no where near cracking or chipping. In fact, they seem to be better with age. Hardly anything sticks to them, and nothing stains them, even temporarily. They seem to have that seasoned look, clearly lighter on the handle, and darker as you head down to the spoon end.

Do wooden spoons become seasoned? If so, perhaps it's just certain quality or materials?


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  1. I grew up in a kitchen with 2 wooden spoons- one for savory cooking & one for sweets. The savory one that was used almost daily to start the onions or stir the soup was always darker and rounded whereas the "sweet" one was more oblong. Until I started with new wooden spoons in my own kitchen and cooked alot I did not realize that the darker rounded one was the result of daily use. Could never figure out where they "bought" that shape! Yes- I agree they become seasoned. Can't cook without mine.

    1. Sure they do. From the oils in foods. That might explain why Toodie Jane's savory spoon would be darker than the one used for sweets, which wouldn't have as much oil as hot sautes, stews, soups, etc. My olive wood spoons haven't darkened as much maybe because the wood grain is so tight.

      1. I have some new, cheapo ones I've been using for Indian simmer sauce demos, and they're bright yellow from curries, or the turmeric and cumin in them...
        I agree, tho, all my old ones are nice and dark...A few have cracked tho, but we're talking 3o years....

        1. DH and I have some beautiful wooden spoons that friends made us for a wedding present. I've oiled them a few times with mineral oil, but have never used them becasue I didn't want to ruin them. Maybe I should start using them...

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            Use them! If they're oiled properly, it will prevent cracks. I have some from 20 years ago that are just fine, thank you. Wooden spoons are wonderful implements, and although other utensils might do the job the same, there's something very home-y about the woodens.

            Also great for use in any non-stick, if you've got it.

            Most of mine are cheapies, BTW.

          2. My favorite wooden spoon is so old that one side of it has been worn down to a sharp edge, which makes it perfect for breaking up lumps in pasta sauce, etc. I wouldn't trade it for anything.