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Dec 21, 2006 01:53 PM

Dining near Jazz at Pearls

We are going to Jazz at Pearls tomorrow, they offer dinner reservations at Cafe Zoetrope, any information on that place? Does Jazz at Pearls have food? haven't been there before. Any sugestions?

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  1. It appears that Pearl's closed their kitchen. For a while they were serving Catalan food, but now they're offering packages with neighboring restaurants.

    1. Helmand or House? Not sure how far from Pearls you can go...

      1. Don't bother with Zoetrope. It's just Francis Ford Coppolla's little tourist trap. The food is very mediocre and overpriced, and you can get similar Italian food at just about any place in North Beach.

        House is great. Asian fusion, delicious fish and noodles.

        Steps of Rome can be fun if you're in the mood for a boisterous atmosphere - the food's solid and pretty cheap.