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Dec 21, 2006 01:29 PM

Kitchen Aid

In reply to the "disturbing trend" thread...

Yes, I registered for the KA, yes I cook and bake, yes someone bought it for me -

Now what can I make with it??? What other kitchen tools is it replacing for me other than my hand mixer? Give me inspiration so it doesn't end up as a $300 piece of art (in cobolt blue!)

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  1. My KA is primarily used as a bread and pizza dough mixer.

    With the appropriate attachment, you can grind meat, stuff sausage, mill grain, mill pasta, etc.

    1. I make a lot of baked good with mine: cookies, breads, cakes, etc.

      I hope to get the pasta attachment soon.

      1. pizza dough, cookie dough, and whipped cream are all a BREEZE now thanks to my KA. dump everything in and walk away (well, not w/ the cookie dough, but you know what i mean)...such a great time and effort saver!

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          yes, whipping cream in the mixer (w/ whisk rather than paddle) is a breeze, and a pleasure. Like when you bake an apple cobbler, you can simply pour in some cream, and when it's coming together add a bit of vanilla and/or cinnamon, vanilla & confectioners sugar. You can even whip ahead of dinner and leave in bowl in refrigerator. I like my whipped cream on the slightly soft side.
          And whipping egg whites.

          And cakes, breads, cookies.
          It's replacing your hands and wrists more than your food processor or blender. I got mine for a wedding gift; don't use daily but it's a pleasure to have! (classic white)

        2. Pastry dough
          Bread dough
          Lemon Curd
          Whipped cream
          Mashed potatoes

          And I wore out 1 meat grinder/sausage attachment and am looking to get another.


          1. meringues, cheesecake, souffles, pie crust, challah, cinnamon rolls, non-lumpy mashed potatoes/cauliflower, flavored cream cheeses and butters...

            i think my favorite part about it is that i don't have to balance holding the mixer while adding ingredients, and that i can let it mix and walk away, even to just answer the phone!