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Kitchen Aid

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In reply to the "disturbing trend" thread...

Yes, I registered for the KA, yes I cook and bake, yes someone bought it for me -

Now what can I make with it??? What other kitchen tools is it replacing for me other than my hand mixer? Give me inspiration so it doesn't end up as a $300 piece of art (in cobolt blue!)

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  1. My KA is primarily used as a bread and pizza dough mixer.

    With the appropriate attachment, you can grind meat, stuff sausage, mill grain, mill pasta, etc.

    1. I make a lot of baked good with mine: cookies, breads, cakes, etc.

      I hope to get the pasta attachment soon.

      1. pizza dough, cookie dough, and whipped cream are all a BREEZE now thanks to my KA. dump everything in and walk away (well, not w/ the cookie dough, but you know what i mean)...such a great time and effort saver!

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          yes, whipping cream in the mixer (w/ whisk rather than paddle) is a breeze, and a pleasure. Like when you bake an apple cobbler, you can simply pour in some cream, and when it's coming together add a bit of vanilla and/or cinnamon, vanilla & confectioners sugar. You can even whip ahead of dinner and leave in bowl in refrigerator. I like my whipped cream on the slightly soft side.
          And whipping egg whites.

          And cakes, breads, cookies.
          It's replacing your hands and wrists more than your food processor or blender. I got mine for a wedding gift; don't use daily but it's a pleasure to have! (classic white)

        2. Pastry dough
          Bread dough
          Lemon Curd
          Whipped cream
          Mashed potatoes

          And I wore out 1 meat grinder/sausage attachment and am looking to get another.


          1. meringues, cheesecake, souffles, pie crust, challah, cinnamon rolls, non-lumpy mashed potatoes/cauliflower, flavored cream cheeses and butters...

            i think my favorite part about it is that i don't have to balance holding the mixer while adding ingredients, and that i can let it mix and walk away, even to just answer the phone!

            1. mmm...all good ideas - i may have to start getting into baking bread, and to dig out the old meringue recipe that i avoid because i loathe doing the egg whites by hand. And whipped cream will now go on everything! Thanks!

              1. I'm currently making a batch of Cheddar-Chive Gougères. Making the pâte á choux is much easier with a Kitchen Aid. After you cook the dough, let it cool in the Kitchen Aid bowl and use the mixer to beat in the eggs and other ingredients.

                The first batch is done and oh my god are they addictive. I've already eaten a bunch waiting the second batch.