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Dec 21, 2006 01:28 PM

Phoenix Chowhound travelling to Norwalk

LA Hounds,

My wife and I are travelling to Norwalk to visit our daughter for two days next week. We don't mind higher end places, but lean more towards the "hidden jewels" family run type of places. Any style of cuisine will do, we love em all and are very adventurous eaters. I realize LA is gigantic, so I would like to limit the drive to within a 30 minute radius of Norwalk.

So let's hear your recommendations. Thanks

Bill and Julie

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  1. You'll be hard-pressed to find good eats in Norwalk proper, but you've got a few places within a few minutes drive.

    Your best bet is probably Artesia, where you will find a few dozen indian restaurants covering a pretty wide range of Indian cooking styles. Personally, I think the south indian restaurants in this area are stronger than the north indian restaurants, but that might be a statement of personal preference.

    Within 30 minutes of Norwalk, you'll have all of East LA and downtown LA at your disposal. A few recommendations... Tacos Baja Ensenada for first-rate fish tacos in East LA, La Serenata de Garibaldi in Boyle Heights for higher-end Mexican, Phillippe's for old school french dip sandwiches downtown, Sushi Gen for outstanding sushi downtown, Seoul Garden for Korean, Langer's for the world's finest pastrami (downtown), and Mama's Hot Tamales downtown for arguably the best tamales in LA.

    Unfortunately, one of the best Thai restaurants I've ever heard of, Renu Nakorn, is closed for remodelling. However, tuck this recommendation away for your next visit.

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      Yes. Renu Nakorn is the gem of Norwalk.

    2. In the Cerritos/Artesia area, there is a really great Korean tofu place in the mall where Albertson's is at. You might be able to find the address through chowhound.

      You might want to travel out to the San Gabriel Valley for some good Chinese food.

      Taps in Brea has good seafood.

      1. Depending on your timing, you may be able to get to the San Gabriel Valley for Chinese food -- a huge string of Chinese places from Fullerton Rd. (east of the 605) all the way back to the 710. Especially good would be any of the dim sum houses (if you go for lunch) -- 888, NBC, CBS, Ocean Star, Mission 261, Triumphal Palace, the list goes on and on and on. For Shanghainese, Green Village at 250 E. Valley Blvd. in San Gabriel. For Mongolian hotpot, Xiao Fei Yang (Little Sheep) adjacent to the San Gabriel Hilton. Others have many, many more suggestions.

        Also nearby would be Jagerhaus German Restaurant in Anaheim; the Original Pancake House in Anaheim; Thai Nakorn in Garden Grove (which might be pushing the 30 minutes juuuuuuuuust a bit); Merhaba Eritrean Restaurant on Ball and Dale in Anaheim/Stanton.

        1. I live in that area. It's true. There is really nothing in Norwalk. I'd also recommend going up pioneer ave to Artesia for some great indian food. there are also some korean restaraunts around there. I'd venture further like the above poster recommended.

          Goldilocks in cerritos has good philipino food.

          also in whittier there is
          Birrieria Chalio
          11300 Washington Blvd, Whittier, CA 90606
          for just birria, with fresh tortillas. go for breakfast. expect to wait. hole in wall
          fish tacos in brea
          El Taco Nazo
          there is closer one in santa fe springs but you don't feel weird sitting in this one.

          1. For Thai, Golden Triangle on Greenleaf in uptown Whittier is excellent!