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looking for good vegetarian options

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Coming to NOLA for a week in early January. Looking for good vegetarian options (all price ranges, and cuisines). Staying in the Quarter, but transportation not an issue.

Thanks in advance.


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  1. total vegetarian - or do you eat seafood too?

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      1. Almost all the upscale restaurants have at least one vegetarian entree on the menu. Generally a little skimpy on the foie gras for my taste, but to each his own!

        1. I'm a vegetarian (no fish) also, and visited NOLA over the summer. Here's my report:


          Hope this might be helpful! There was a pho restaurant, Kim Son, recommended by SwampSue (across the river) that I really wanted to get to, but didn't...

          1. I'm a vegetarian and visit New Orleans from time to time. Cheaper places I've liked include Praline Connection (vegetarian soul food options), Bennachin (great West African food), and Juan's Flying Burrito (awesome burritos). For more upscale places, I've had very nice meals at Bayona, NOLA, and Peristyle.

            1. Three more options: Maspero on Decatur has a veggie muffaletta. There’s also a bar called “13” on Frenchmen Street. It has numerous vegetarian options and is also near a number of the city’s best musical venues, including Cafe Brasil, Snug Harbor, etc. On the higher end, NOBODY should miss Matt & Naddies (http://www.matandnaddies.com/), which is out in Riverbend, not far from the commercial strip on Oak Street. (The St. Charles bus will get you out there in a jiffy.) I had one of the most memorable meals of my life there. Try to coordinate your meal with an evening of music at the Maple Leaf. (One more thing . . . For people wanting to know what is happening outside of the tourist areas of the city, contact Grey Line (http://www.graylineneworleans.com/), and beg for a seat on one of 9th Warder Sylva Gonzales’s three-hour “Katrina Tours.”)

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                too late for bgw, but the Commander's Palace is one of the best restaurants in the world. Call ahead and they'll make sure you have a GREAT vegetarian meal. Expensive, but their lunches feature 25 cent Smirnoff martinis. KaBAM.