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Dec 21, 2006 01:19 PM

Drinks and Small Plates appetizers in Back Bay/South End, Xmas Eve

Any recommendations for a party of 2 to have drinks and small plates in Back Bay or South End on Xmas Eve?
Wondering about Red Fez, or Delux Cafe...back bay is easier for us to get to but seems to have a lot fewer places of this type (Armani cafe closes at 3;30 xmas eve - too early for us).
It doesn't have to be mega chi-chi, but I would like something quiet enough to talk (not looking for a sports bar with televisions etc).
Thank you!

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  1. Seems like it would be a nice quiet evening to go to places that might otherwise be busy, but I'd call to ensure they're open. In the South End, consider Toro, Union, and 28 Degrees. The Red Fez seems to have recovered from a downturn; I've had a couple of nice meals of small plates there recently. The food at the Delux took a dip for a while, but also improved on a recent visit.

    In the Back Bay, the old Ritz bar, Sorellina, Bar 10, Douzo, Avila, Rustic Kitchen, the Oak Bar, the Bristol, Domani, Clio/Uni, Bonfire (bar only, avoid the dining room), Citi-Bar, or Brasserie Jo might suit. (I'm suggesting a bunch of hotel-based places, as I think they're likelier to be open.)