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Dec 21, 2006 01:03 PM

Dinner NEAR Mohegan Sun?

Will be in the area over New Year's. Looking for restaurants that are near Mohegan Sun but not at the casino. Is there anything within a 15-20-30 minute ride away that is recommended? Any kind of food OK.

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  1. Three come to mind-
    Restaurant du Village in Chester-old fashioned French.
    Cafe Routier in Westbrook-eclectic.
    Cavey's-Manchester-take your choice-classic French or more casual Italian...the real attraction is the extensive wine list with very low markup.
    You might also consider the Bee & Thistle Inn in Old Lyme, though I was not as thrilled the last time I ate there (about 2 years ago.)

    1. While all good restuarants none are 10-20 or 30 mins from the casino --- more like an hour. I would suggest you do a search of the board for mystic, groton, new london and stonington - some very good restaurants have been named. In fact a couple of weeks ago Mrbigtime asked for recs for New london that got good suggesttions for the area that is more what you are looking for.

      1. There are 2 good restaurants in Norwich. On Rt 82 one is the Olympic Diner and the other is a place called the Old Time's They are vertuialy across the street from each other. The Olympic Diner is an italian place Pizza and such, the other is a more American type menu. Both are good food ,reasonably priced and about a 15 min drive to the Casino. Earle

        1. just up the road from Mohegan Sun is Kensingtons restaurant at the Norwich Inn...the food is excellent, modern American, served in a warm & comfortable room...

          1. on route 32 is a small old fashioned deli called "herb's" (across from the wonder bread outlet). they have the best breakfasts ever. there's a combo of 2 eggs/bacon/toast/pancakes/and home fries to die for. the rasin french toast is unbelievable.