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Dec 21, 2006 12:35 PM

Cedar Tavern--Closed?

I just found out that Cedar has closed and I am devistated! When Second Avenue Deli closed, it just about did me in, but, now hearing about Cedar having closed, I am upset beyond belief! I did hear that Cedar may reopen in the Spring. Does anyone out there have any more information regarding the possibility that Cedar isn't gone for good? I only hope it doesn't turn into a bank, like the rest of NYC is .. . . . .
p.s. They just started construction at the old Second Avenue Deli--it will reopen as a bank.

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  1. The owner of Cedar has said he is adding 7 stories to the building for co-ops and will reopen Cedar when the contruction ends.

    1. The sign on the door did say something about construction and that they would reopen.

      1. I had heard herd rumor they were going to close for a long time and am very sad that it has finally occured. The word is that they will reopen, but without the second floor.

        They had better, I didn't get my last turkey burger, and I was always trying to get up the courage to order the escargot. Has anyone tried it?

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        1. re: maxine

          The escargot is out of a can, and no, it will not be re-opening.

        2. I spoke with the owner. Yes, condos being built, utilizing upper floor plus allowable space above that. I think the bar will be put back as was, but at the moment it has been removed during construction. They better not harm any of the hollowed wood or I will beat someone down. That bar is a thing of legend and already survived one move.

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          1. re: sing me a bar

            you said it about that beautiful bar.

            however, i believe the bar is not orginal to the this cedar tavern nor the original site. they got it from a bar on long island i think. i heard a story about it from the bartender once, but dont recall the story exactly (yes, yes prob due to a beer fog - heh).

            glad to hear they will reopen.

          2. I saw inside recently. The downstairs is completely gutted.