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Cedar Tavern--Closed?

I just found out that Cedar has closed and I am devistated! When Second Avenue Deli closed, it just about did me in, but, now hearing about Cedar having closed, I am upset beyond belief! I did hear that Cedar may reopen in the Spring. Does anyone out there have any more information regarding the possibility that Cedar isn't gone for good? I only hope it doesn't turn into a bank, like the rest of NYC is .. . . . .
p.s. They just started construction at the old Second Avenue Deli--it will reopen as a bank.

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  1. The owner of Cedar has said he is adding 7 stories to the building for co-ops and will reopen Cedar when the contruction ends.

    1. The sign on the door did say something about construction and that they would reopen.

      1. I had heard herd rumor they were going to close for a long time and am very sad that it has finally occured. The word is that they will reopen, but without the second floor.

        They had better, I didn't get my last turkey burger, and I was always trying to get up the courage to order the escargot. Has anyone tried it?

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          The escargot is out of a can, and no, it will not be re-opening.

        2. I spoke with the owner. Yes, condos being built, utilizing upper floor plus allowable space above that. I think the bar will be put back as was, but at the moment it has been removed during construction. They better not harm any of the hollowed wood or I will beat someone down. That bar is a thing of legend and already survived one move.

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            you said it about that beautiful bar.

            however, i believe the bar is not orginal to the this cedar tavern nor the original site. they got it from a bar on long island i think. i heard a story about it from the bartender once, but dont recall the story exactly (yes, yes prob due to a beer fog - heh).

            glad to hear they will reopen.

          2. I saw inside recently. The downstairs is completely gutted.

            1. I will be able to say that I have eaten at this NY landmark :(

              I heard also that they will not reopen, but I hope that the owner will have sold the bar to someone. I also remember the ceiling. I can't believe that they closed down a place with so much history....and for condos on top of it!!

              1. Come on now...the bar was good but the food was terrible

                1. Some of it was terrible, some was pretty good for bar food. The burgers weren't half bad, stuff like the "quiche" and other less standard bar stuff was atrocious, but that's what you get for ordering quiche in a bar anyway. LOL

                  1. Wait, is it now not opening? The sign on the door said the closing was temporary, or has it changed?

                    Oh, and as for food, I must once again rave about the turkey burgers. They also had good fries, and salad.

                    1. New York has turned in to a mall. Is Katz's the only decent place left?

                      I used to eat and drink at the Cedar all the time. It's a tragedy. New York is becoming like every other place in the US: Boring, mediocre and without character.

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                        There are certainly more chains in NYC these days but I also think there has never been a better time for all levels of dining.