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Dec 21, 2006 12:24 PM

Beacon Theater 2130 Broadway area- Looking for recs 4 good eats/pub

Philly chowhound here...heading to see Los Lobos and Gov't Mule at the Beacon 12/29. Looking to find a quick bite before the show- any good pubs in the area?

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  1. West Side Brewery is about a block away - I can't vouch for their food but it is a good place to grab a beer.

    1. All State Cafe on 72nd betw B'way and West End. Local pub, decent food, great burgers.

      1. McAleer's on Amsterdam has a great (i mean, GREAT) burger. Crowd can sometimes be a little star trek nerdy, but that burger is good.

        1. Harrison's Tavern on Amsterdam is a really fun place. Good burgers as well.

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            Yes! And a pro-Boston sports owner and clientele!

            1. re: chow_gal

              Harrisons (no, i'm not the owner) is closed. It is now Chirping Chicken which moved from across the street.

              West Side Brewing is closest and best option.

              1. re: harrison

                blondies on w79 (bdwy and amsterdam).