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Dec 21, 2006 07:04 AM

Any good eats by Bolsa Chica (in Huntington Beach)?

Hi everyone! I set up a private tour of the Bolsa Chica wetlands and wanted to make late lunch arrangements for after the tour. Can you recommend any good places to eat close to Bolsa Chica? I prefer ethnic eats but am open to suggestions and I'm looking at reasonable price per person, $20 to $25.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. Not ethnic but tasty is Harbor House, on PCH in Sunset Beach. It's totally the old burgers-and-fries type beach shack, but bigger.

    1. The pickings are pretty slim in the Bolsa Chica area especially at lunch time. There is a nice Vietnamese restaurant called S at Westminster Mall. It is free standing at the corner of Edwards and Bolsa. Depending on the number of people you have Springdale Bar and Grill might work for you although it is typical American food. It's on Springdale just north of Bolsa. The rest of the restaurants in the area either don't serve lunch or are chains.

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        Well, just as far down from Bolsa Chica as S is downtown Huntington Beach... there's the Sugar Shack, there's the random Mexican place which name I can never remember that's up on the second floor four blocks in, on Main Street, there's Duke's which is usually pretty tasty, there's the Peruvian Place (Inka Grill?) four blocks in on Main Street...

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          A second for Duke's, even if it's a small (3-4 locations) chain. Love that parmesan/macadamia crusted fish, with capered beurre blanc. Lots of flavors, but they really work together well.

          BTW, the HB Inka Grill is gone.

          1. re: Steve Green

            Doh, oh well re: Inka Grill.

            I actually really like just the grilled fish with the papaya salsa... and that Maui onion salad is fantastic, though the dressing is a bit sweet.

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            That Mexican place is Fred's Cantina and it overlooks Pch/Main St. I have never ate there but there is some outside seating which would have a nice view of the HB Pier.

        2. Roman Cucina in Sunset Beach is a better option than some posted above.

          Don't know where you live...but, if you're headed back north - I recommend Sophie Thai, or Ambrosia Cafe (Greek) in Long Beach.

          1. Bolsa Chica and Edinger: Sea Siam, a good Thai restaurant. Call ahead to make sure they're open for lunch. Had dinner there last week and it was as good as ever.

            In the Huntington Harbor Mall: House of Brews (the name speaks for itself, but it's pretty decent) and a Chinese place (the Great Wok, iirc) which is mediocre at best.

            Harbor House, pointed out by OP above, is a good option. Huge menu, but their omelettes are the main attraction for me.

            Jon's is a coffee shop at Bolsa Chica and Heil; nothing special.

            If you go farther afield in HB, there are places like DeSimone's for Italian deli type sub sandwiches, Bukhara for Indian, and Mangia Maniga for Italian (if they're open for lunch)

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              DeSimones has the best sandwiches on the planet. It's a hole in the wall but the BEST Sandwiches you will ever have... Order the Cheff Special you will thank me. Brian

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                House of Brews is a fun place and the sweet potato fries are very good.( I usually don't care for sweet potato fries.)

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                  How about Slapfish, in HB? I'd been a few times last year and really liked it.

                  HB is a vast town, but IIRC Slapfish isn't super-far from Bolsa Chica area.


                2. Not too much good ethnic food in the immediate area that i'm aware of.

                  Walt's Wharf in Seal Beach has some decent seafood, just a few miles up PCH.