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Dec 21, 2006 06:12 AM

Octopus at Rincon de Espana

I've heard this place has closed, but they used to have the best
octopus sauteed in a light tomato, garlic, and olive oil sauce (off the menu called 'Octopus ala Carlos')... anyone know if it is still on Thompson St., and more important, how they made that Octopus?

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  1. I know the restaurant well, a family tradition when we are all together. Any information you get would be helpful to our holiday dinner. Wasn't it Pulpo ala Carlos?

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    1. re: caroliz

      YES! Pulpo ala Carlos! I think the octopus was boiled and then stewed in a garlic based tomotoe sauce- though I'm not exactly sure (and I'd like to make it Xmas Eve). It was really fantastic. My mother always opted for their other octopus dish, which I think was just boiled and then topped with olive oil, lemon and paprika.
      It was a great place and I too have some good family memories there...and I heard that it did close.

      1. re: joluca

        I would love the recipe as well. I am also making octopus for the holidays and am trying something different this year-though I have not figured out how I am making it yet. I figure with good octopus, how bad could it be?!