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Dec 21, 2006 05:22 AM

Best Place for Dessert & Wine for 2, Las Vegas - Romantic

I would like to find a place that has really fantastic desserts and wine, (dessert more important really, any decent wine or port will do) that I can take my husband after a day at the spa. I will be spending all of January in Vegas and he will be returning from a 2 week trip to North Carolina and then back to work in Albuquerque. He will spend one day with me in Vegas and then I will be going to NC for maybe 2 months or so. So, I really want him to have a relaxing special day in Vegas with me. I plan for him to spend most of the day at our favorite spa and then I was thinking instead of eating dinner out, we would do something different and just have dessert and wine out. I may cook him a favorite meal at house, something light.

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  1. Which spa will you be at? If it were my husband and I, I know we'd like to stick as close to where we were had been relaxing as possible. That might help narrow down the choices.

    1. It will be the J.W. Marriott on the West side in Summerlin, but we stay with my mom while in Vegas and she lives on the east side so since we pretty much have to cover all the ground anyway, it really doesn't matter where the place is. I willing to drive anywhere, esp. if it's good.

      1. Easy...Nobhill at MGM. Desserts are incredible, great wine selection and the best cocktails anywhere-the beverages at Nobhill are worth a drive.

        1. The Range at HARRAHS Great Prime rib or for a VIEW I Can't remember the Steak house at the stratosphere Food wasn't as good but the View was Heavenly......

          1. Nob Hill sounds really good, I may try to see if they have a menu online! Don't need dinner out, we have our traditional 7 fish Italian dinner at home, plus my husband the big meat eater, I'm a pescatarian, he ordered a Prime, Black Angus, 10day aged 5 lb. prime rib for himself! He's cooking it slow right now! We used some of the tips from Chowhound to cook it, thanks ya'll! I'm sure he'll enjoy it much. But, dessert sounds great for when he gets back from NC at Nob Hill!