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Dec 21, 2006 05:15 AM

non-stick omlette pan?

OK this may sound like a real stupid question... But why would anyone buy a non-stick omlette pan? I use a fork when making my omlette.. isn't using metal utencils a no-no for non-stick pans??

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  1. Not stupid. It took me a while to figure out what would work, but I use a non-stick pan and a Lexan (I think) fork I picked up at REI. It's great: no scratching, no sticking.

    1. A good non-stick omelet pan needs no tools other than maybe a high heat (silicone) "batter style" spatula to help round out the egg blend or deflate the omelet as it cooks. I can directly lay the finished omelet and heated ingredients into the plate, rolling over the top half, right out of the skillet. All in a one handed motion, second hand can be holding the plate.

      Even basic shell cracked eggs, once I learned the technique, I can forward - thrust - flip the eggs and cook as per request, then lay the eggs right on the plate.

      (Lots here is easier to do than explain)

      Perhaps you need to watch a good Denny's cook do this. Just be careful and do not get any new employees or amateurs.

      BTW- A small, but ample amount of oil or butter is a must as eggs tend to stick by drying out to fast in any so called non-stick surface. Avoid cooking sprays.

      1. I would not use a fork even in a non non-stick pan.

        I use non-stick all the time with a heat resistent spatula. Some butter, the eggs, play with the spatula, flip, if required, and slide onto a plate.

        Quick and easy.

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          My Sitram Cybernox non-stick non-teflon fry pan is great. It's the best non-teflon fry pan out there. The stainless-like surface is virtually indestructible and will not get damaged by metal spoons and forks. Love my Swiss Diamond non-stick as well. Also use cast iron fry pans. I'm trying to stay away from teflon coated cookware.