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The results for the first annual Ultimate Seattle restaurant poll.....

Chowhounders were asked to rank their top five restaurants in Seattle area that they would recommend to a friend visiting Seattle, looking for a memorable dining experience.In this years ultimate Seattle restaurant poll there were 37 responses from these responses there were 60 different restaurants voted for. The scoring allotted 5 points for a first place vote, 4 for a second place vote, 3 for a third place vote, 2 for a fourth place vote and one for a fifth place vote. Drum roll please, the winner is........................Harvest Vine with 49 points, 15 total votes and 4 first place votes. In a close second was Union with 44 points, with 11 total votes and actually received the most first place votes with 6.
In the battle of Seattle chowhounders favorite Vietnamese restaurant, Green Leaf held off Tamarind Tree, receiving 16 points to Tamarind’s 12.
In the battle of Chinese food, Seven Star Pepper received the most points receiving 19 points, compared to Szechuan Chef’s 9 points.
Hope this is helpful, thanks to all for their participation.

Harvest Vine First Place With 49 points (15 total votes) {4 first place votes}
Union 44 (11) {6}
Lark 40 (11) {4}
Salumi 36 (11) {2}
Matts in the Market 33 (10) {3}
Café Juanita 24 (7) {2}
Palace Kitchen 22 (8) {1}
Le Gourmand 21 (6) {1}
Seven Star Szechuan 19 (6)
Element at Gasworks 16 (4) {2}
Green Leaf 16 (5) {1}
Malay Satay Hut 15 (5) {1}
Monsoon 13 (3) {2}
Boat Street Café 13 (5)
Lamperia 12 (4) {1}
Tamarind Tree 12 (5)
La Carta Oaxaca 12 (4)
Voltera 11 (3) {1}
Sitka And Spruce 9 (2) {1}
Szechuan Chef 9 (3)
Paseo 8 (4)
Crush 8 (3)
Rovers 7 (2) {1}
Cremant 6 (2) {1}
Dahlia Lounge 6 (2) {1}
Zoes 6 (3)
Le Pichet 6 (3)
Tilth 6 (2)
Canlis 5 (1) {1}
Pho Bac 5 (1) {1}
Shiros 4 (1)
Mistral 4 (1)
Wild Ginger 4 (1)
Kingfish Café 4 (1)
Nishino 3 (2)
Campagne 3 (1)
Serafina 3 (1)
Szechuan Noodle Bowl 3 (1)
Via Tribunali 3 (1)
Dinette 3 (1)
Osteria La Spiga 2 (1)
Herbfarm 2 (1)
El Gallito 2 (1)
Maneki 2 (1)
Thanh Vi 2 (1)
Panos Kleftikos 2 (1)
Hosoonyi 2 (1)
Ezells 1 (1)
Crow 2 (1)
Maximillien's At The Market 1
Barolo 1
Mayuris 1
Hilltop Alehouse 1
India Bistro 1
Dicks 1
Shanghai Garden 1
Saigon Deli 1
Kisaku 1
Baguette Box 1
Market Grill 1

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  1. Dagrass, Thanks for the good work. Your query proves the merit of Chowhound versus something like the Zagat guide.

    1. Thanks for starting the poll and compiling the results. It was really fun to do! When making my selections, I picked only restaurants that I had been to in 2006 and that made a significant impact on me. I hope we do this next year - it will be interesting to see who remains on the list and who is added!

      1. Thanks! Now, we get the generic "where should I eat in Seattle" question that appears so often, we can just link this thread.

        1. I wonder if the results would be different if each person rated each restaurant that they'd been to recently, as Zagat raters do. That way, people would only be rating places they knew. When people pick their top 5 places, they will ignore places they haven't been to, so places that are smaller and/or less popular with chowhounds get left out. That might explain, say, The Herbfarm's poor showing in this vote -- its location and price deter some people.

          Not that I'm complaining! I still appreciate your work, and the results are a good indicator of where chowhounds like to go.

          1. I assume that everyone DID only vote for places they knew. Who would vote for someplace they'd never been to? Which does probably explain the absence of some places.

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            1. re: christy319

              That's my point -- if you haven't been to a place, you can't vote for it. So it's somewhat of a popularity contest. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

              1. re: BruceB

                I think being Chowhounders, we've been to more places than your average Zagat diner. I don't think the Herbfarm's poor showing was due to a lack of people having eaten there.

            2. Thank you! This ended up being a great list. Interesting because there are some places that I haven't been to in quite a while, for example the Harvest Vine because it got super expensive a few years back, but I'll make a return visit now. Thanks again!

              1. Frankly this surprises me. I didn't participate but would not have voted with the majority. When was this poll done? Perhaps when many of us were on vacation???

                I recently tried Szechuan Chef and it kicked Seven Peppers butt, no contest.

                I've been to Harvest Vine twice and was disappointed both times. Doesn't even compare to tapas restaurants outside of Seattle. I would not recommend it to a friend local or visiting.

                Mistral also rates much higher in my view. I will never go back to Lark, it was so mediocre and very expensive. And my favorite sushi place, Nishino, which I'm a regular didn't even make the list.

                2 Replies
                1. re: lisaf

                  That's what makes this poll so interesting. You say Mistral, I say Lark! (although Lark didn't make my list for this year.......)

                  1. The voting thread was going for much of December-it's still here, and people are still adding to it though the votes have been counted. And it's all just opinion, so others have opinions different than yours. For example, I've eaten many of the same dishes at Szechuan Chef and 7 Stars and 7 Stars was almost always better (in many cases, the dishes were identical, sometimes they were worse at SC). There is another whole thread where people relate vastly different experiences at Harvest Vine. Etc etc.

                    1. As a newbie, thanks DAGRASSROOTS for compiling the list and thanks to the people responding to the original message.

                      This sure helps me a lot and beats me posting a "New to Seattle need recs" message.

                      With 60 restaurants from Dicks and Ezell's on up in price, it at least gives me a starting point with a bit of variety.

                      Happy 2007 all!

                      1. great list! perfect timing for us as are heading up there end of this month. can you guys do SF next?