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Dec 21, 2006 04:38 AM

Traditional New Years Foods?

I'm looking to prepare a very involved New Year's dinner, and would love to have each course represent a traditional food/recipe prepared for the new year. The theme will probably be european. While I know lots of traditional Christmas recipes, I'm at a complete loss for New Years. Any suggestions would be welcomed!

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  1. My Mama always makes "soupy with eggy," or Escarole Soup, which is sometimes called Italian Wedding Soup.

      1. I have always heard Black-eyed peas were good luck for NY eve dinner, and my family makes them a lot for that day. I have always heard that many of the "soul food" items were good luck like pigs feet. I don't eat that kind of food but that's what is widely believed. I would love to find out what else others have heard.

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          Read the link in the above post about lucky foods

        2. In Russia, or at least in the heavily Asian-influenced Eastern Russia, where I lived, people gorge themselves on mandarin oranges from mid-December to mid-Janaury (the old new year is Jan. 13). Yum!

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            Yes -- i will always think of new year and time around it up until Chinese NY as mandarin season ^-^
            another thing always present at NY table was Olivieh (then again that's a staple of any holiday in Russia and now I find out that lots of Persian restaurants serve it!)

          2. We have a complete English breakfast after the clean up is done including hot tea, porridge, eggs fried in pork fat, English bacon, bangers, black pudding, beans, mushrooms, and tomato. We follow the meal with a bottle of champagne and half of a movie and then go back to bed. When we wake up we head out for Chinese!