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Live Dungeness for $3.99/lb at Ranch 99 - should we wait ?

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IIRC the price dropped to like $2 something after a while. Is that right ?


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  1. We have had some bad weather, so the supplies have been low. I would guess with another week of calmer seas the prices should drop some. The experts are predicting a bountiful season.

    1. I wouldn't postpone opportunities to eat crab! But just be aware that prices usually drop after the holiday demand slacks off. Then you can budget even more.

      1. It's still a good deal. Just not the great deal that $2.99 (cleaned, even) was at the start of the season. In addition to the slack demand after Christmas, there will be another factor holding prices down: More of the out-of-area fleet will return to fisheries off Oregon and Washington when those seasons open. It's been a great year for crab so far.

        And let's all keep our fingers crossed for the NorCal salmon season this coming year (which I think still hinges on the relative health of the Klamath run)...

        Sushi Monster

        1. how are you supposed to clean a crab?

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            Here's a post on the Home Cooking baord on how to clean a Dungeness crab.

          2. It was $6.99 at the Richmond location over the weekend, lobster was only $8.99. I like crab, but for that money I'll eat lobster.

            1. Han, if you can wait until after New Year's and before Lunar New Year the crab price may drop. But at 3.99 it not that bad.

              I have seen crab for 2.99 a week ago somewhere.

              1. $4.99 at Ranch 99 in Newark. Tank was almost empty.