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Dec 21, 2006 04:27 AM

Live Dungeness for $3.99/lb at Ranch 99 - should we wait ?

IIRC the price dropped to like $2 something after a while. Is that right ?


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  1. We have had some bad weather, so the supplies have been low. I would guess with another week of calmer seas the prices should drop some. The experts are predicting a bountiful season.

    1. I wouldn't postpone opportunities to eat crab! But just be aware that prices usually drop after the holiday demand slacks off. Then you can budget even more.

      1. It's still a good deal. Just not the great deal that $2.99 (cleaned, even) was at the start of the season. In addition to the slack demand after Christmas, there will be another factor holding prices down: More of the out-of-area fleet will return to fisheries off Oregon and Washington when those seasons open. It's been a great year for crab so far.

        And let's all keep our fingers crossed for the NorCal salmon season this coming year (which I think still hinges on the relative health of the Klamath run)...

        Sushi Monster

        1. how are you supposed to clean a crab?

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            Here's a post on the Home Cooking baord on how to clean a Dungeness crab.

          2. It was $6.99 at the Richmond location over the weekend, lobster was only $8.99. I like crab, but for that money I'll eat lobster.