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Dec 21, 2006 04:23 AM

Hampton/Newport News, VA Recommendation

Hi all. I'm returning to my old stomping grounds of Hampton/Newport News, VA for a few days this Christmas and am looking for a great restaurant to go to. I don't want to deal with traveling up to Williamsburg or down into Norfolk/VA Beach because time is going to be really short.
Any suggestions? I'm especially iso creative food with vegetarian/seafood options on menu. (No, it doesn't have to be cheap!)

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  1. It might be too late to help you, but I'm from Hampton and am always on the lookout for something other than chain restaurants when I go back home.

    Anyway, there is a great Indian restaurant on Jefferson called Nawab – near the intersection of J. Clyde Morris. I didn't have the highest expectations but the food was outstanding. The food definitely leans toward more traditional Indian, but above your average Indian restaurant. The chicken in our tikka masala was a tad on the dry side, but the sauce was great. We also had the Palak Paneer - divine! We were there for dinner but I want to go back for the lunch buffet. Even my non-adventurous mother liked it ;) Service was a little slow.

    Also - in that same shady shopping center there is a decent Italian place - Al Fresco. Much better than you would expect - they venture beyond the expected meatballs, eggplant parmesan, etc.

    In the Oyster Point area you can also try Sushi Yama for sushi. I've eaten lunch there a few times - they have an awesome lunch special. Quality sushi. Nothing cutting edge - but a solid choice.

    For seafood - Surf Rider in Hampton is a great choice. Simple seafood dishes - and a lot of bang for your buck. The portions are quite oversized.

    Good luck! I do wish there was more activity on the board about Hampton and Newport News... but there aren't many choices.

    1. Thanks for the reply. I'm heading out of town tommorrow so I'll have to keep those in mind. We actually stumbled upon Sushi Yama. Only in Newport News could you have a trendy sushi place filled with such random patrons (blue jeans on adults, grandmas and grandkids, stylish 20 and 30-somethings). I'm by no means a sushi-hound, I've only been to one "real" sushi restaurant, a little hole-in-the-wall place in downtown Louisville, Ky. However, I've got to give major points to this place on drink service. I'll get my daily intake of water when I dine out and my glass was never less than half empty (or was it half full). The food was good, nothing spectacular, but way above what I'd had on the Peninsula from Harris Teeter or a Chinese buffett. There were a couple issues with the service. Our waitress didn't know the difference between the sushi platter, the sushami (sp?) platter, and the lobster roll special. After several trips to the kitchen she figured it out. Also, since I ordered sushi and my wife ordered noodles, my food came out right away and her's came out 10-15 minutes later. But overall it was good for the Peninsula

      We decided against Indian this trip (there are several good places in St. Louis). Before we moved to the Midwest we would frequent Rajput in downtown Hampton. I'm not sure if the quality was any better but we started going there right after it opened and the owner got to know us and our growing family and he would always give our kids a little something extra.

      For seafood we ended up at the Crabcake House in Poqouson. It's been redone since the last time I was there, courtesy of Hurricane Isabel, the food is great. Fresh and flavorful, not overpowered by other spices.

      1. I went on a recent trip to Newport News. The first night we were there, we ate at the Italian place mentioned in the previous post, Al Fresco. It was average and the decor felt dated. Also, the "outdoor" seating was actually an enclosed sunporch. The ambience left a lot to be desired, as it is in a rather seedy feeling strip mall. The following night we went to Thaijinuesu on the William Styron Square. It was delicious. This also was a much more attractive part of town and there were several nice looking restaurants in the square. If we had discovered this part of town the first night we were there, we likely would have gone back again and skipped Al Fresco.

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          Sorry that Al Fresco was disappointing - I haven't been there since that post in 2006.

          The problem with recommending a restaurant in Port Warwick (William Styron Square) is that there is a lot of turnover. I just looked and all of those restaurants are completely different than a year or two ago. But, it is generally a good place to grab a drink and scope out food choices.