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Dec 21, 2006 03:34 AM

christmas dinner

hi who is open we will go anywhere/any stlye thanks

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  1. I'm curious about this too since my family is unexpectedly coming to Boston. If you do a search on, it'll show you a list of restaurants open on Christmas day at the time you want. I also read somewhere that Thursday's Boston Globe will have a listing of restaurants open Christmas Eve and Christmas...

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    1. re: pokie

      Well, I have looked on Open Table 3 times- if you click on Christmas Dinner search -every restaurant you search says no tables. If you can figure out how to find out what is open on Christmas by looking on Open Table please tell us.

      1. re: emilief

        If Open Table lists the restaurant as full ("no tables available" does not necessarily mean it's closed), but booked up, then try calling the restaurant directly. Many times the restaurants may still have some openings not showing up on Open Table. Also, I just put in a random 7:00 for 4 people on Christmas day, and there are a few restaurants that still have availability:

        Here's BostonChefs' list of restaurants doing a Christmas Dinner:

        And some of the Legal's are open Christmas Day also:

        1. re: Rubee

          Thanks. I realize that no tables does not necc. mean no tables However, the message on almost every restaurant on Open Table is identical- no tables within 2 hours etc. and it really looks like they are closed. In any event, there is no list on Open Table of open restaurants. Good to know Legal is open!

        2. re: emilief

          Sorry for the late reply! If you plug in 1) "Boston" for the region, 2) "all boston restaurants" for the search criteria, and 3) 12/25/2006 plus the time you want and the size of the party, you should get at least a few results. I've been doing this repeatedly since yesterday (trying to research as to what my parents/friends would like *SIGH*) and I'm still coming up with about 11-13 options.

          My party consists of 6 people so my options are more limited but I just did a random search for a party of 2 and ended up getting 15 restaurants with reservations available for a party of 2 on Christmas ~ 6-7 pm. Hope this helps and good luck with your search!

          Other places open for Christmas not listed on bostonchefs:

          Beacon Hill Bistro 617.723.7575
          breakfast 7:30-12 pm/dinner 1-9 pm

          Legal Seafoods, Prudential (other locations open - check website)
          dinner 12-10pm

          Oak Room, Fairmont Copley Hotel 617.267.5300
          3-course Brunch @ $58/person - starts at 11 am
          Afternoon Dessert Buffet @ $20/person - 12-5pm
          Dinner (forgot to jot down info...)

          Oceana, Long Wharf Marriott
          Breakfast Buffet 7-10:30 pm
          Dinner (forgot to jot down info...)

          Turner Fisheries, Westin Copley Place 617.424.7425
          Buffet @ $59/person - 10:30 am to 9 pm

          Fugakyu, Brookline 617.734.1268
          11:30 am - 1:30 am

          And as others have pointed out, there's always Chinatown... This is OT but does anyone have any ideas as to activities on Christmas day?

      2. I'm not sure what paremeters you are plugging in because I just did a search for 2 at 3pm on 12/25 and found 17 reservations available.

        1. Why not just do the traditional jaunt to Chinatown? That's what we'e planning.