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Dec 21, 2006 03:26 AM

Soft & Buttery Yeast Rolls for the Holidays (Found)

My husband picked up some yeast rolls baked into a small tin foil tray from Thee's Bakery at Farmer's Market. When warmed in the oven they were revealed to be very fine with a soft pillowy interior, deep yeasty flavor, and a sheen that may in fact really be butter! I was impressed because nothing, ever, has come this close to my mom's. Five days later an unopened package was still in great condition.

I was very pleased, and to quote Mr. JudiAU--hey, how often does that happen?

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  1. I could not agree more. Thee's is really an underrated bakery. Their hamburger buns, and hot dog buns, for example, are really wonderful as are their petits fours.

    1. How much $$$ for what quantity of those dinner rolls?

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        My huband thought they were about $5-6 dozen for rolls on the smaller size.