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Dec 21, 2006 03:10 AM

Old Spaghetti Company

Our town is getting an Old Spaghetti Company restaurant. Has anyone tried this chain?

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  1. "Old Spaghetti Company"?, in California there is a chain called "Old Spaghetti Factory", don't know if it is the same chain or not. Ate there once, the food is cheap, and the spaghetti sauce is one step above dog food.

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      That's pretty accurate except it's not that cheap!

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        There was a Spaghetti Factory" in SF's North Beach in the 60's and maybe 70's. It was a jolly place better known for its vibe than for its food. I trust there is no connection to the chain of the same name.

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          Actually, Freddie Kuh, the owner of the original Old Spaghetti Factory in SF's north beach sold the name when he got tired of the place, and went on to run a place called the Savoy Tivoli. So there is a connection, via the name. I spent a lot of time at the bar at the OSF drinking draft Anchor Steam Beer from the original producer; I believe the OSF was the last bar to carry it. My passion for Anchor Steam was shared by a guy named Fritz Maytag, whom I often drank alongside of. He bought the company, but QC did away with a lot of the beer's spontaneous character, IMHO.

          The spaghetti was good, with a choice of several sauces, and it was AYCE.

      2. are correct. I had the name wrong. It is "factory". Sorry to hear it isn't better.

        1. I went to the Old Spaghetti Factory in Seattle in the early 90's. On the East Coast there is "Spaghetti Warehouse" which is very, very similar. We had one here in Columbia, SC but it closed down a few years ago. They were both pretty crappy...

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            I would be hesitant to eat at any restaurant with the word "Warehouse" in its name. I may make that one of my Rules to Live By, actually...

          2. I can't believe these are still around, let alone still opening new locations. It was a favourite destination for birthday parties when I was around 5.

            1. We have one right down the street. We visit a few times a year. But before you throw the rotten tomatoes, let me add a disclaimer that we go because it's very very kid friendly. My little one can make noise and a mess without getting the hairy eyeball from the staff. And they offer spumoni with each meal for dessert - kids love that.

              We definitely don't go for the food. We look at it as taking one for the team in the name of convenient family dining.

              If you have small kids, I would go, but I wouldn't go out of my way to visit.