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Dec 21, 2006 02:51 AM

S.F., fairly new, under $30 w/o drinks

I'll be in S.F. in February, and I'm looking for places I may not know about (I've been a frequent visitor for 25 years). Any type of cuisine, but preferably less than 5-years old, under $30 for 2 courses. I'm especially interested in cuisines that are less readily available in NYC.

Also, has anybody done the early prix-fixe at Antica Trattoria? I've never been there, but I love Pesce.

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  1. Under $40 recent experiences:

    Here are some nice places where we've made it out the door for $40 including beverages.

    Weird Fish
    2 clam chowders, one big salad, fried pickels, fried oyster sandwich, 2 draft beers

    Pizzaria Delfina
    cauliflower & caper salad, napoli style meatballs, pizza margharita, 2 peroni

    The Front Porch

    La Ciccia - this one doesn't include drinks (as we bought a bottle of Monica to enjoy there) but you could still go there and make it for under $30 without drinks.

    1. I ADORE Antica. Highly highly recommend it. The prix fixe is really reasonable, and if I'm not mistaken they give you a decent amount of flexibility in ordering. I've never been disappointed there - the service is great, the food is really delicious Northern Italian, and it's got a great comfy neighborhood vibe. We used to be regulars when we lived in the city, and we really miss it.