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Dec 21, 2006 02:40 AM

Stand is fantastic!

shocked!...went to stand last night (second night open) it was packed and while the sevice was a little shakey (but very kind and accomodating) the burger was superb! 7 oz, loose grind, great bread from pain d'avignon..really good looking beer list too (too bad they don't have their liquor license yet..if its this good now, I can't wait to go back once they settle in....we may have a new king!

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    1. I have also tried Stand. I am a burger fanatic and know a good burger when I see it. This ain't it. This is a classic example of something that is far too contrived and trying too hard to be something it is not. So much attention seems to have been put towards being creative and different that they forgot the most important things for a burger,which would be the meat,bun,and toppings. As the previous writer stated the meat was absolutely flavorless. The bun was simply wrong as well. And I just have one question. Cheese sauce???? I want good melted cheese on my burger,not sauce. I also agree the homemade ketchup was terrible. It was so thin and chunky it was impossible to get it to cling to the fries. The mayo on the tables was in an interesting soft bottle. The waitress infromed us it was a soy based mayo from Japan. I did not like it. Hellman's blows it away. In the end I will likely not return to Stand. I rarely condemn a place that has only opened for two days. But the approach Stand has taken here just doesn't do it for me. There are too many superior(and cheaper) burgers in town to enjoy.

      1. Hardcore, I was there the same night as you and the place was half full at best. Also, even though they only had about 30-40 people eating, when we came in we were asked to wait because the kitchen was behind before being seated. I know it was their second night, but we're talking burgers here not complicated stuff and the owner has other places - he is not a neophyte. As for the burger, it literally had no taste except a hint of the char from the grill. You could not taste the beef itself. As for the bun, since it wasn't soft on the outside, it had a slight almost rubbery crust which naturally assured that when you bit into it, everything squirted out. I looked around and it seems that everyone was having a similar problem. Also, the no substitutions policy is because it would be difficult for the staff to make changes as they take your order on a handheld device - now there's a good idea, don't give the customer what he wants because you insist on using unnecessary technology.

        Everything else was equally mediocre. The side salad was literally romaine and frisee with a splash of oil and vinegar and a ton of salt. Fries were just okay, onion rings dreadful. Their house sauce is a poor repro of In n out. The waitress insisted we try the pot of pickles as she said it was so good - has she ever been to any deli in NY? Homemade ketchup? You gotta be kidding me - there are certain things you can't improve on like heinz and hellmans. The only good tasting thing on the menu were the unusual fountain drinks - we had a pineapple soda and a surprisingly food lemon basil frappe. But it was a small glass filled with a ton of ice and for $5, I think it cost about $1 a sip. Give me JG Melon or PJ Clarke anyday over this temple of mediocrity.

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          I couldnt disagree more..the meat was wonderful and beautifully charred..the bread moist and grilled to perfection...I love the kewpie mayo (much better than hellmans)..I also didnt like the homemade ketchup my dinner companion loved it....they dont have a no substitutions policy...are you sure you were at the right place?...anyway I loved it and cant wait to go can have your pj clarkes

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            Take a look at the link from a hamburger today below. Although they may have liked it slightly more than me, clealry they thought it was mediocre. They definitely do not share Hardcore's enthusiasm that it is "fantastic".

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          1. The original comment has been removed