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I want to roast a goose!

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I had roast goose years ago at Xmas and it was fabulous, though as I recall (dimly) mostly dark meat.

Any suggestions on method and flavoring? Do you like goose??

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  1. Love goose! Be sure to roast on a rack and be prepared to bail out a lot of fat - these are very greasy birds. Really - a lot of fat, but save it, as it's great for frying, say, potatoes the next day. The meat is darker/richer than what you might be used to if you're a chicken/turkey person, but the flavor is big.

    I don't really season mine with much aside from salt and pepper, as the goose has a richness I don't want to cover/detract from.

    Sides are your friends here. Goose goes so well with fruity or vinegarey things. Maybe a dressing/stuffing with cranberries and walnuts. Maybe some sweet/sour cabbage.

    Goose skin makes marvelous cracklings for a warm goose salad the next day. Render slowly and enjoy.

    Wow, I wish I had planned on goose this year! If you make it, can you give a report on your success and side choices?

    1. I made roast goose last year for our holiday feast. It was really good and I got all kinds of rendered fat for other uses.

      There's a Cook's Illustrated how-to recipe I found on the web last year. Sort of a Peking duck treatment - boiling in water and then drying in fridge. There are other methods involving pricking the goose all over with a fork. There was lots of splattering and some smoke, but it was worth it.

      Good luck!

      1. Any time goose comes up, I just have to share this person's take on it...


        1. The goose story was beyond hilarious! And not too far off from the truth (I still say: use a rack to roast), what with the fat issue. Still, I hope NYchowcook won't be deterred. The goose is a luscious bird on the table.

          Oh, and I thought of another fruit for goose: cherries. Find yourself an Eastern European recipe (I have none at my disposal right now) or use your imagination. Think duck with sour cherry sauce (Romanian, I think). Use dried cherries in the stuffing.

          Gads, I have to quit thinking about this post or I will be insane with goose-craving!

          1. My MIL does goose every Christmas and it's quite good. She uses the Cook's Illustrated method mentioned above and it takes her two days of fooling with fowl. But she loves it.

            I would add, though, that she tries to feed seven of us with one average-size grocery store frozen goose, and it's really a stretch. Most of us barely get a taste. It's really almost like the Cratchit's Christmas.