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Dec 21, 2006 02:34 AM

Ted's place in azusa is now Dino's Burgers

a month ago i wrote that ted's place was under new management i asked if anyone has been there given the change. today, went there with my daugther and we saw a white piece of paper taped over the ted's sign saying Dino's. we went in for dinner...there was a sign bragging about there chicken...dino's...dino's...i've heard this name before....there were flyers stacked where you order, also commenting on the chicken - it included quotes from the la times and....Chowhound !!! it then dawned on me that i read a review or two about this place in la.

the menu on the board looked the fact, no mention of the "famous" chicken - asked the server - $4.50 for 1/2 chicken, fries slaw and tortillas. we both ordered it - i went with mashed potatoes instead of fries. like ted's before - you order, take your number, sit down and they bring you the food. when walking to the booth noticed the food of others - the burrito's looked huge, an elderly couple had fish and chips - they too , looked great !!

the chicken had a unique daughter thought it was too "citrus-y" i liked it, nice spicy bite to it, fries were good with the chicken / citrus flavors though i think i would prefer to have the fries on the side...they were very tasty. the mash potatoes and gravy needed alot of salt and pepper - a huge serving.

overall, i think it's a great deal. i will definitely go back to try the fish and chips. i will also go back to see if the breakfast is still as good as when it was ted's place.

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  1. dino's in azusa?!!??! school is right there...what's the address?? much try it asap and verify it tastes like the original!

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      843 w. arrow's about 1/2 mile to a mile west of azusa blvd - north side of street, next to a 7/ used to be a macdonald's

    2. try the pastrami sandwich, Also the Breakfast burrito with Everything will keep you full almost all day....