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Dec 21, 2006 01:31 AM

Any recommendations for Indian or Thai restaurants that deliver to Chappaqua?

Newly transplanted New Yorker searching for spicey ethnic food at home! Appreciate any suggestions!!!!

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  1. Swadee Thai is in Thornwood, a couple of towns south of Chappaqua. I don't think they deliver but you could call and ask. Bollywood Bistro has been mentioned here recently, they are in Pleasantville. I'm not sure about delivery, once again you can call and ask.

    I think you will find that delivery is not all that common around here. I'm sure they will be happy to pack your order to go and you can drive over and pick it up YOURSELF.

    1. Ate at Bollywood Bistro last night and the owner told me they deliver. Depending on where in Chappaqua, you might be in the delivery area.

      We really liked our meal, btw. I mentioned that the food came with a nice amount of heat, more than the usual, and she said that most indian restaurants in the US use a lot of dairy (ghee or heavy cream) in their dishes which cuts the heat a lot. They don't do that so the spices really come through. Plus they had some offerings on the menu that we'd only seen at Tangra Masala in Queens (indian/chinese).

      1. Yes Bollywood bistro does deliver to Chappaqua . Their food is one of the best Indian i have had so far . My wife loves the store they have aswell as the food . They have an eggplant dish in the Specials which is my favorite . So far i have sent a few of my friends there and they love it . Swadee is good , but they lack the personal attention i look for at a restaurat , however great for a Take Out

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        1. Had dinner there tonight. Food, service both excellent. We asked for a dish that was not on the menu and it was not a problem and delicious. Will frequent often!

          1. delivery is tough, but if you are interested in a great deal nearby, there is a little nothing of a storefront in Thornwood called Westchester Grocery right near the train station that is an Indian/Pakistani grocery store that has a restaurant in can call in and take out from there...the food is well-spiced, quite tasty and really cheap...Bollywood quality at half price...the lamb chops are the best....the problem is there is no real menu per se, it changes daily and it definitely is not a place you want to eat in (I think the tables are probably more for you to sit while they ready your food, although you certainly could eat there...) But the food tastes great and is quite a deal...