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Dec 21, 2006 01:29 AM

Taqueria Chili Verde

After a long mourning period for Balazo on Mint St., some co-workers and I decided to give Taqueria Chili Verde a try for lunch today. While I do miss all of the veggie options at Balazo, Chili Verde seems like it will be a good replacement. Two of us (myself included) ordered the Shrimp Burrito, which had 12 pieces (specified on the menu) of freshly grilled shrimp. Surprisingly, there were more shrimp than beans. It also hd slices of fresh avocado and some nice little jalapeƱo bits which added a good bite. The tortilla was a little soft for my taste, but the contents made up for it.

My other co-worker ordered the Veggie Burrito, which he said was good but, unlike Balazo, didn't contain yummy grilled vegetables, just rice and beans and tomato.

Any other good seafood/veggie options that you guys have had? It looked like they had a bunch of shrimp dishes, which I'm excited to try. I think next time I go I'll get some tacos.

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  1. I love this place! I think you're the only person to ever post on Chili Verde besides me. Everyone likes Taqueria Cancun around the corner.

    I was at Chili Verde almost every week when I worked down the street, mainly for the free green salsa that comes with every order.

    My favorite meal was a super taco with pollo asado, but a friend and I would sometimes share a burrito mojado ("wet" burrito smothered in salsa and cheese). The large bowls of chicken soup also look popular, though I never in my 3 years of eating there got around to trying it.

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      Not true! There were several recs for Chili Verde when a conventioneer went searching for Balazo a few weeks ago.

      I love their pork--al pastor or carnitas in tacos. I've also had the shrimp plato, with garlic. It was very good, huge chucks of soft garlic, cooked enough so it wasn't overwhelming. They missed my request for whole beans instead of refritos, but I ate them anyway. Some of my coworkers are fans of their quesadilla with carne asada--even the biggest guy had a hard time finishing it. I like the salsa that comes with everything--but like Cancun's, their chips leave much to be desired.

    2. Where is T. Chili Verde located? Thanks!

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        6th street just south of Market, a couple doors up from Tu Lan