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Dec 21, 2006 01:23 AM

Super Sendoff Dinner

My Sister is leaving the country for at least a year, and we are looking for a modestly priced nicer restaurant for a sendoff dinner. Unfortunately, she has severe allergies to both milk and wheat. The top restaurants in the city, who will cater to our every need, are unfortunately out of reach. Can anyone suggest anything?

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  1. Fressen is a vegan place on Queen St. that fits the bill:

    Also Il Fornello. They have vegan and wheat-free options.

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    1. re: estragon

      Thanks. Those came to mind. I'm trying to find something that's a step up from these restaurants.

    2. What about sushi? Somewhere like Japango, maybe?
      What sort of price range are you looking for?

      1. Price range of about $40pp

        Our family already has a Japanese goto. Is Japango that much different than Cafe Michi?

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          i was going to suggest japango myself... can't say how different it is from michi since i've never been. i was going to suggest omi but i noticed it's on your top 5 already.

          mind if i ask where she's going? it might help to narrow down what she likely will get excellently from her new country.

          i've recently fallen in love with batifole and i think they will end up covering your wheat/milk allergies. most of their food is currently in stew form for the season and sides are ordered separately. the only problem would be that their gratis warm fresh bread is absolutely delicious. definitely can get out of there for $40pp and very moderately or even cheap bottles of wine to boot. i'd call them to double check about the milk... but if all else fails... there's their delicous and massive steak with bone marrow.

          starfish is likely on the pricier side of this, but with raw oysters it should be fairly easy to avoid the milk and wheat. keeping in mind that mains will average $25 but overall it's really filling.

          1. re: pinstripeprincess

            My sister is going to Korea, which is fortunately a place where she will be able to eat comfortably. I have to say that she loves maki, but not raw fish really. I've tried believe me. I'm going to check out Batifole, and any more help is greatly appreciated.

            1. re: dlw88

              There is a Korean place in Thornhill at Yonge and Centre that is very good called Sariwon. Might be appropriate and I think that you would be safe with Korean.

              Just as an aside re the Fressen suggestion. I haven't been there, but my understanding is that it is a bit more upscale than your average vegetarian place.

              There are other places I could suggest, but they would be over the $40 pp - for example, Lee

        2. Try Trevor on Wellington, the chef/owner is very good (used to be at Lobby). I was there last night and for two of us with 3 martinis & 2 Cocktails the bill was only $110. We had 4 Tapas plates (which are bigger then many places) and desert.

          I am sure a Chef of Trevors calibar can handle the dietary requests.