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Dec 21, 2006 01:03 AM

Tangerine, Fork or Other?

In Philly with wife for a fun/romantic night away, looking for a great dinner spot. New Amercian, Fusion, Seafood, or Italian. Setting is important and not Buddakhan loud. Have been recommended Tangerine and Fork but not sold. Thoughts?

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  1. I would pass on Fork. The food there on our last visit was a disapoointment and our sentiments have been echoed by several other posters here.

    I have been anxious to try Tangerine but have not been there yet. I hear it's very romatic and the food is pretty good, but can't comment on it myself.

    Seeing that seafood is on your list, have you considered Estia? If you're looking for extremely fresh, simply prepared fish (with capers and olive oil) and grilled octopus and the like in a romantic setting with limestone and exposed timbers, it may be what you're looking for. Some of the non-seafood entrees are fine but not overly complex, and pale in comparison to how fresh the seafood is. And it's not loud at all.

    1. tangerine is a good spot - underrated in my opinion. They have plenty of seafood options also. I don't know what your budget is, but I would recommend Striped Bass also

      1. Tangerine is underated, the hidden gem in the Starr empire. Might I also suggest, for a nice, quiet meal, the Old City BYOB <a href=">?

        1. I've eaten at Tangerine 2 times, once romantically (that sounds funny :-)) and once as a part of a business dinner. I think the ambiance for a romantic dinner is right on there. The whole wall of the back room is lit with votive candles tucked into the walls and the seating is done very well (as in not overcrowded, not noisy), at least the times I've been there. The food was good both times. Have I had better meals elsewhere? Maybe. But the combination of the atmosphere and the quality of the good is a good bet.
          I can't speak for Fork as I've never eaten there...

          1. Put a fork in it...sounds like Tangerine is the spot. Estia looks great too (like Milos in Montreal) but I will save it for the next trip. Stripped Bass will need to be on an expense account. Many thanks.

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              Not a fan of Estia -- I find it's always quiet because it's always empty! That spot seems cursed somehow.

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                That spot is cursed and more so is the spot across the street! (Smoked Joint R.I.P.)

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                  The last time we were at Estia it was packed full - very lively. We had a wonderful meal, taking advantage of the $35 three-course dinner. There were several choices on that menu and everything was excellent. I may be wrong, but I think that this time they have found the right formula.