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Dec 21, 2006 12:58 AM

Favorite Soup recipe?

Ok guys it's that time of the year when the weather is cold and perfect for a nice hot fresh bowl of homeade soup. What are some your favorite soups to make and eat during the winter? Mine are:

Potato, Green Chile and Cheese Soup:

In a large soup pot saute one onion and about 4 Garlic Cloves in about 3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
Roast about 1/2 pound of Green Chiles take the skin off and chop and add to the pot
Wash, peel and chop about 5 Russet Potatoes
Add about 6 cups of chicken stock
Add potatoes and cook for about 20 minutes until potatoes are done
Serve with a sprig of Cilantro and some Monterey Jack cheese

Chicken Tortilla Soup
7 Mares (Seven Seas Soup)

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  1. I usually get lucky with soups... Maybe because you can do this and do that till they're perfect, I dunno...

    Beef and Barley is like 'last meal' worthy to me...
    Boneless beef rib meat, browned crusty, then simmered in chicken broth with sautéed celery & onions...
    After simmering for a couple hours till almost tender I'll toss in some Barley for the last hour or so...

    If there's any left, the next day, the Barley soaks up so much more liquid, you kinda have a beef & barley risotto!
    Heated and drizzled with great extra virgin olive oil... Grated cheese!
    Mother of God!

    Another healthier one I do 'more often' is a creamy Calabasa Squash soup... By itself it can often be too sweet for one to be enthuasiastic about finishing a big bowl, so I blend in about 1/3 ratio of over-steamed Broccoli... If it's too firm your soup won't have a smooth texture... Broccoli works GREAT!
    I toss it in the steamer first, then after 15 minutes or so, the Calabasa chunks for another 15-20.. Then, to the blender with salt, pepper, half and half, a lil' grated Parm, & chicken broth...
    Pour it in a pot, heat it up, and adjust seasoning... Done!
    Nutritious and pretty darn luxurious... Bowl likkin'...
    Yogurt or half & half for the creamy thickener...
    Keep it simple... No herbs or garlic in this one...

    More grated Parmesan is waiting at the table tho!

    Man, I love typing up this stuff... Even tho I type with my right index finger, pecking at the keyboard like a hungry chicken...

    1. French carrot: has sauteed onions & garlic: then potatoes & carrots in stock. Finished with cream--although I use powdered whole milk. Serve cold or hot.

      1. Fav soups/stews

        Chicken and Dumplings- Mississippi style long on dumplings (flat wide kind) short on veggies- lucky to have peas, carrots and onions--only my mom can make it the way I like it- I have yet to be able to duplicate it

        Black Bean soup

        Lentil Soup with lots of chile

        My own "chicken pepper soup" that my son named

        1. Soups are at the top of my favorites lists, and I think a number are worthy of iconic status (which they have, I think, looking at this list):

          Winter borscht
          Tom Kha Gai
          Gazpacho (I know, not seasonal - but the classic is perfection)
          Black bean soup
          Portuguese garlic/bread soup
          Good ol' fashioned beef stew (or with pork as a variation - very nice flavor)

          1. My favorite subject!

            Curried Butternut Squash and Apple Soup (Silver Palate)
            Black Bean - my own recipe - cooked with smoked ham neck bones, meat is later shredded from the bone and returned to the pot along with a nice bit of sherry
            Chicken with Matzoh Ball - my own recipe - lots of dill!
            Carrot with Ginger and Lemon (Epicurious)
            Southwest Pumpkin (Epicurious - embarrassingly easy)
            Mushroom Barley (Frog Commissary. Even sworn barley haters LOVE this)
            Fish Chowder - so forgiving. Thin, milky, flavorful broth and whichever firm fish are on sale
            Barefoot Contessa Chicken Chili - not really chili, more like a chicken stew
            Beef Stew - Lots of browning and deglazing. Few ingredients all of very high quality - wine, beef, etc.
            Kabocha Squah Soup - So easy and delicious. I scrub squash (no need to peel it is all edible) and cut it into large chunks. I place the chunks in a pot with a chopped onion, lots of fresh pieces of ginger, water to almost cover the squash and a good amount of soy sauce (at least 1/4-1/2 cup depending on amount of water). Bring whole mess to a boil, cover and simmer for about 20 minutes until squash is soft. The great news is that as delicious as this is right away, it gets even better over the next couple of days as the squash's flesh thickens the broth.